Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guinea Pig Nostalgia

This video (found on Cute Overload) really made me miss having guinea pigs.

When I was growing up, my siblings and I had a ridiculous number of guinea pigs. It all started when we were given a pair of the piggies - a blind oldish one we called "Grandma" and her half-albino (red eyes but gold fur) supposed daughter. Of course, the daughter ended up being a boy and before we knew it, we were inundated with the fuzzy little creatures.

Each generation kept breeding and inter-breeding and after a while, despite selling whole litters to pet stores and giving others away, we ended up with a long line of big cardboard boxes (they were free and easy to get from Aldi's) covered in pine bedding and filled with 3-4 piggies a piece. We tried to separate the boys from the girls, but one determined male, Cheeseball, always gnawed through his box and a box of girls while we were at church and then we'd have babies all over again.

Of course, some litters didn't make it. Several died for no apparent reason, others were accidentally crushed by the blind Grandma (those were the saddest). But that didn't make enough of a difference in the amount of little guinea pigs we had in the house and eventually mom and dad decided they had to go.

We kept just Grandma since she was disabled and would be hard to place and Fawn, one of the others we knew was a girl since she'd had several litters herself. Sadly, we kept the crazy one that was the favorite of my little sister and no one else (that was the first hint I had she was mamma's favorite) and had to give away the randy Cheeseball who was the cutest and everyone else's favorite.

Angel & Fawn

Eventually Grandma died and I was able to get a little black and white guinea, but she and Fawn only lived a few years together before they died, ending our era of the guinea pigs.

I love how guinea pigs are like miniature cows, the way they scutter around making ridiculous chirping and trilling noises and the crazy way they'll scream for food or attention if they're riled up enough. It's sweet how they'll sit around and graze if you put them in grass, how they'll sit and be cuddled and petted, like so:

I love all things cute and silly and I sure do miss those cute, silly girls and boys. Unfortunately, I'm trying not to be a crazy animal lady or else I'd have a guinea, a rat, a bunny, fish, a snake and/or lizard and probably more. But, as it is, I'll just stick with these guys:

Frederick, Pinky & Inky
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1 comment:

-Jenna- said...

Great - after reading this, I now want a guinea pig. :)

Lately I've decided I want a bird, but am trying to be smart and not get one. I know my cat would waste her whole day sitting under it's cage torturing it.