Friday, February 13, 2009

Frank: The Trippy Cartoon Whatsit

I like comic books so whenever I'm at the library I grab whatever ones look interesting that I haven't already read, which is how I got my hands on Jim Woodring's The Portable Frank. According to his website, after high school Woodring "got a job as a garbage man and lived in picturesque squalor as he set about the task of capturing his inner life in words and pictures." And I have to say The Portable Frank definitely captures his "inner life" - it was like watching someone's dream or drug trip, so I wasn't all the surprised when I got to the end and read that:

Frank was born in a cloud of proponal, butanol and alcohol on the afternoon of July 17, 1997. His receiving blanket was a memo form. He looked exactly has he does not except his tail was longer, his head was larger, and his feet were smaller. ... He found he liked comics work and peformed in them throughout the '90s. ... He wishes it to be known that he can and does talk; it is the comics that are wordless, not he.
Trippy shit, right? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet! The "14 classic black-and-white stories" that comprise The Portable Frank are so random and dreamlike. Sometimes I had no idea what was happening, but it sure was fun to look at. I love seeing things like this because it helps to spark my own creativity by making my mind move in ways it doesn't normally.

Here's one of the shortest stories to give you a taste of the madness:

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Jake said...
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Jake said...

I'm a HUGE Jim Woodring fan! Nice write up - it's good to know I'm not the only one that digs his twisted sense of reality. We actually bought an original drawing of his last year. He's also got a blog: