Friday, January 30, 2009

Wonderfalls (Watch This Show!)

I don't know if you've ever heard of "Wonderfalls" - only four episodes of the first and only season were aired back in 2004, although they were all put out on DVD, which is how I came across them sitting innocently on our friends' DVD rack. We borrowed it, happily, and I am totally amazed that it was cancelled! The writing is quirky and hilarious, the acting is spot-on and the plot manages to be completely ridiculous and still be taken seriously.

The basic premise of "Wonderfalls" is that Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas), the black sheep of her rich WASP family, starts hearing voices... from anthropomorphized animal-headed objects like her mother's shrink's monkey bookstop or the stuffed bears in the Niagara Falls gift shop she works in.
Many of the instructions her animals give her, force her to put herself in awkward positions like blaming her crush's kind-of wife for attempted murder or outing her sister by setting her up with the cute package delivery guy. In the end, though, all of the instructions end up benefitting both Jaye, who would otherwise remain univolved and unattached, and many others as well. She saves a man's life, a rare pair of birds' love, ruins her crush's marriage in the best way possible and becomes closer to the family she's been holding at arm's length. Generally, the show seems to be about the disaffected Gen-Y 20 somethings feeling like society has nothing to contribute to their lives and vice-versa.
"Pushing Daisy" fans should check out Lee Pace playing the concerned older brother and "Firefly" fans will enjoy the several episode guest spot Jewel Staite (aka Kaylee) has as the almost-ex-wife of the love interest.

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Nuke said...

Great show! I caught a couple of the episodes on the air so I was ready when I found the box set at discount price.

I have recommended it to bunches of people, even offering to loan it to some, but get no takers. WTF millions of people watch Desperate Housewives but nobody will even TRY this... ugh

Average Jane said...

I love that show! I'm due for another marathon viewing of the DVD set.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this show. They used to show episodes on LOGO (I assume because there's a homosexual character on the show). I'm not at all surprised that it was cancelled because they cancel EVERYTHING awesome.