Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sam & Max: Season 1 (Wii Game Review)

In case you were unaware, The Collected Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway by Steve Purcell is, no question, the best comic book EVAR. And lucky for you, it was just re-printed recently otherwise you'd have a devil of a time trying to get your hands on a copy. Lucky for me my oldest bro has one (that I'm trying to make him leave me in his will - I'm so not kidding), which was how I found out about it, and my sexy boyfriend has another. In fact, one of the first things he and I bonded over (besides Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried") was Sam & Max.

Matt's got a tattoo of that middle panel with Max's face

Sam & Max are a 6 foot dog and a rabbity-thing who just happen to be "free lance police." Which basically gives them free license to do whatever they want. They solve wackadoo crimes like why an aisle of the local grocery store is possessed, why the giant insects on the dark side of the moon are kidnapping the rats that live on the light side and where all the tourists are disappearing to on the island with a volcano cult. Sam is the straight man to Max's complete insanity and they've got the most impressive, random and hilarious dialogue of any crime fighters or cartoon characters.

Sam in the office (Sam & Max: Season 1)

I played the LucasArts game Sam & Max Hit the Road back in the day, watched the brief cartoon show, and now I have defeated the Wii game: Sam & Max: Season 1. This newest game is essentially the same as the LucasArts game, only instead of using the mouse to click around, you're using the Wii remote. Sam & Max: Season 1 is one of those puzzle-type adventure games, where you have to solve how to get money for a purchase to solve one problem even as you're working on solving a couple others simultaneously. It can be tricky and we used a walk through several times, especially on a couple of the "episodes" that are not as logical as these games can be.

By "episodes" I mean that Sam & Max: Season 1 is broken up into 6 smaller segments they call "episodes," each with their own specific agenda that all leads up to defeating the one big villian behind all the other smaller ones you have to defeat along the way. Constant throughout all the episodes is the street where Sam and Max have their office.

Sybil in her store (Sam & Max: Season 1)

Your neighbors are Bosco and his Inconvenience Store and Sybil with her constantly-changing-function store (she's got a problem with choosing one career and sticking with it). These are where you will go often for finding gadgets you need to accomplish tasks and solve the mysteries. Depending on the episode, you will have new locations to visit including a TV studio, the internet and the White House.

Each episode includes a degree of mind control of hypnosis used on victims. In one episode, you even get to knock the head off of a robot president who's hynotyzing the country! This similarity is the first clue you get that all of the crimes you're investigating are ultimately related somehow - all leading up to defeating the big bad crazy guy.

Max & Sam face a gangster in his toy manufacturing set-up for hypnotyzing bears

There was enough variation among episodes that you didn't feel like you were doing the same thing over and over again, which could have happened since the last Sam & Max game took you all across the country instead of staying focused largely in one small area (although, you do get to visit the internet which is arguably everywhere). Overall, the game was good about helping you along with enough information to know what to do next without it seeming all too easy. But, as I said, there were moments when we would have had no idea how to proceed without taking a peek at the walk-through.

This is a great buy if you're a fan of Sam & Max, weird humor and puzzle-solving, or if you just want a Wii game that you can be lazy and still play - it doesn't call for much more action than pointing and clicking.

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