Friday, January 2, 2009

Q and A

Note: This has been updated to include some just-received questions

Yesterday I invited you to ask me questions and a couple of you took me up on it. Enjoy!

Le Grand Lapin asked: What's it like to be you? Quite honestly it's weird, exciting, surreal, hilarious, ridiculous, sad, hard and constantly surprising.

Michelle Renee asked a series of questions: Do you believe in an afterlife? Not exactly. I believe the energy that we consist of goes back into the Universe to be recycled into something else. In that way, I feel that death is simply a change of material state and not an end to life, which doesn't lead to the belief in an afterlife.

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials? I think it's more likely that they exist than that they don't, especially since many countries have official state that the existence of UFOs are real.

Do you have any Grey Poupon? Not right now, but sometimes.

Do you have any hobbies? Indeed, I read a lot, write poetry, draw stuff, take walks, volunteer for nonprofits, dance and now, since I have one, play Wii.

Do you know where your lesbian is? I don't believe I own one of those.

Do you call your boss "Dude?" No, I generally call her by her name or, collectively with other female coworkers, "ladies"

Do you eat to live or do you live to eat? Eat to live.

Do you have any Italian in you? Would you like some? No thanks. I'm good. I already had pizza twice this weekend.

Do you know the secret homosexual handshake? No.

Do you like bilabial fricatives? I had to look that one up. No, not really.

Do you like casual sex or should I dress up? I'm not open for casual sex business.

Do you lose arguments with inanimate objects? I haven't yet.

Do you think God lets you plea bargain? I don't believe in the Christian god.

Do you prefer to be buttered up, or to cook in your own natural juices? Depends on the state I was in to begin with.

Do you sleep on your stomach--or can I? Sorry, you'd have to fight my cats for that privilege, and they'd probably win.

Leigh Ann asked a couple questions: What TV character, past or present, do you most closely identify with? I can't say there is a single TV character I really strongly identify with, though there've been plenty I liked and even emulated. I would kind of say Raven from "That's So Raven" simply because she's the only other "person" who's experienced seeing the future like I have (i.e. in random pictures that make absolutely no sense until you're right in the middle of them). And, yes, sometimes I see my future. It's really random. And, yes, I do feel lame that that's the TV character I picked.

Also, what actress from the present or past would play you in "the movie"? I have no idea. I can't think of any actress who's younger than me that I'd like to play me and all the older ones wouldn't be appropriate. Anyone have suggestions?

Kansas City Sinic
asked: how many tattoos do you have, and do you regret any of them? I currently have 3 tattoos (and have 2 more planned). I don't regret any of them because they all represent part of my philosophy on life as well as my personal history and what I've learned. One of the reasons I get tattoos is because I like to feel my inner life exists in more places than just my head.


Gabriel said...

Maybe Michelle Williams (the actress not the singer)

May said...

I could live with that.

Anonymous said...

where did you go to get your museum studies degree?

May said...

Andrew I got my degree in Museums from University of Washington in Seattle.