Monday, January 5, 2009

Hair Care?

This is exactly what pisses me off about the common Midwestern viewpoint on short hair:

Looks like it's time for yet another scare-story telling women that a short 'do is a "don't" if they want to attract men. Why are short cuts on women so controversial?

First things first, I should state that I am probably a bit biased: I have the shortest hair of all the Jezebel staffers, but I have also had very long hair. Hairstyles do not work universally: "sexy" long hair on one woman can look like a wet mop of Muppet hair on another; a cute pixie cut on one gal can look like a cry for help on another.

One good part of having short hair? It weeds out the slimy creeps, which brings me to the male "experts" that the Daily News found to weigh in on how un-sexy short hair is:

“If you cut your hair you might be making a statement that says, ‘I don’t want to be seen as a sex object,’ ” says sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod, who agrees that men are usually more sexually attracted to women with longer hair.

“Men love long hair; the touch and the smell stimulates our senses,” says Matt Titus, Manhattan dating guru and author of “Why Hasn’t He Called?”

The three physical things that attract a man are a great body, beautiful long hair or great lips. So cutting off one third of your beacons of attraction doesn’t increase your chances of having Mr. Right approach you. It’s like sending a nonverbal message that you’re not interested in sex,” he declares.

Why does everything on a woman's body have to be some sort of signal to the male sex? Articles like this rub me the wrong way because they give men ownership over women's bodies. Suddenly, a hairstyle becomes a "statement" to men and women are basically being told that they should consider how men look at them when they are making choices about what to wear and how to style their hair.

And the thing is, men are not so simple when to comes to attraction to women. It's understandable why Mr. Titus wants to fit men into generalities: it helps him sell books if he can make women believe that all men are the same and he, and only he, has they key to unlock them. (Source)

I've received a few comments on my blog that "blame" me for the way people respond to me as if I was responsible to the world for how I like to wear my hair or the clothes that I feel express my identity. I honestly can't understand that mentality. One of the reasons I shaved my head back in the day (besides really needing to hit the reset button on my hair) was I got so tired of being judged by my looks rather than my mind, emotions and weird-ass quirks. I honestly feel its as misguided as misogyny and racism - you know, the other ways people judge others for their looks instead of who they are. It's such bullshit.

Also I look hot in short hair cuz my fabulous face structure remains unobstructed, dammit.

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JOCOeveryman said...

Not that my opinion matters but I think you are very cute and smart :-) A very dangerous combination I must say. Keep the safety on unless you plan to shoot to kill, okay??

Vered - MomGrind said...

I had very short hair during my early twenties. I have very long hair now. I don't really see any difference in the way men react to me, but then, I never noticed the jerks.

"One good part of having short hair? It weeds out the slimy creeps" - exactly.

You do look fabulous. I wouldn't change a thing.

Stacey K said...

I think I noticed your smile more than your hair - but I'm not a guy. At any rate you look great - not that you ever planned to take a men's magazines advice to change anyway.

-Jenna- said...

I've had both really short hair and really long hair (my current style), and honestly have not noticed creeps disappearing with either length.

For the record, you ROCK the short hair.

Applecart T. said...

the shortest mine's been is on that glamour girl from the (?) 20s/30s you have posted, and to me, that is still "long." my hair is terribly longer and usually up. when it is down, men are more annoying, i've noticed, yes. makes one want to wear a hijab or really kick-ass biker boots.

men don't own our bodies, no, but they're too __ to turn off the "i see it / i like it / i want it" reflex most of the time. our culture is very open and naked compared to the previous culture of america / europe / ancient greek and to current islamic and other cultures around the world.

John in KC said...

I must be an unusual guy, I prefer women with short hair.

I usually chalk it up to my mom having short hair so in some psychological way the ideal women is something similar. I dunno... that sounds weird.