Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bush Legacy (of Failure)

Tomorrow, President-Elect Obama will be sworn in, so it seems only natural to take some time today to look back at the legacy Bush will be leaving behind him. broke down his effect on the nation by seven points:

1. Ecomony = FAIL
We all know the economy sucks. People are losing their homes and jobs and the only people receiving hand outs are a bunch of corporate asshats who don't deserve it. The national debt is now 10.6 trillion, 4 million people became unemployed from 2000 to 2008 and the gross national product and Dow Jones are going down the tubes.

2. Infrastructure = FAIL
Bridges and roads suffered major failures under the Bush administration. It didn't help that SUV drivers were given kick backs, making the damn machines more popular and crowding up streets. One-third of roads nation-wide are in poor condition and 70,000 bridges were declared structurally deficient. Meanwhile, the Bush administration is proposing a cut of $202.1 million for public transportation - apparently spending $17.4 billion in the auto maker bailout doesn't mean we need good roads on which to drive all those stupid vehicles.

3. Iraq = FAIL
How long ago did we get that "Mission Accomplished" bullshit from the Bush administration? Cuz it sure as hell doesn't seem like the fucking war is over yet. 4,222 military deaths and over 3 trillion dollars later, things aren't getting any better. This war costs us $12 billion each month and the military predicts it will take at least $250 billion to repair the Army's resources and equipment.. of course, that's just for the vehicles and such that have been damaged so far.

4. Human Rights = FAIL
Never mind the torture that did receive public attention, the US was involved with tons of activities that went against basic human rights during the Bush administration. About 100 "detainees" under US custody - that's people held without any legal cause and usually tortured - have died and over 35 have simply disappeared. And let's not forget all of our rights to privacy that the Patriot Act destroyed.

5. Hurricane Katrina = FAIL
Arguably the worst disaster to hit an American city since 9/11, Katrina affected 15 million people and caused the loss of 400,000 jobs and 275,000 homes. The death toll is still unclear, but it is believed to be about 1,500 with 700 people still missing. New Orleans is still only at 72% of the population it had before the storm. Despite Congress approving $122 billion to go to the region, not many results seem to have come from it. Insurance costs from the storm were over $40 billion, affecting everyone who has home insurance. The Bush administration showed no leadership in this tragedy and all but abandoned the city of New Orleans after the storm hit. Trillions of dollars go to a war in another country and Bush can't even take care of his problems at home. Shame, shame.

6. Health Care = FAIL
Bush's drug plan has turned out to be one of the biggest new entitlement programs of the past 40 years, forcing the government to pay the high prices of drugs once dealt with by the consumer and protecting drug companies for no good reason. Noticing a trend yet on who gets ahead the most when Republicans are in office? Brand name drugs are 70% more expensive here than in Canada. Bush also denied health care benefits for 4 million children by vetoing a bill to assist families with children. 46 million Americans, about 18%, are without insurance and the average cost of health care for employees has risen 120% since 2000.

7. Climate = FAIL
Seven of the hottest years on record have happened since 2000, despite the Bush administration's denial of climate change and suppression and censorship of scientific information backing it up. The sea level has risen 40 feet, areas of the Southwest USA are turning into deserts, extreme temperatures are affecting the farming industry and this unaddressed climate change is projected to cost us 20 percent of the world gross domestic product.

Kudos to all of us who had a part in ending this administration! It has been total suckage.

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John said...

You might get a kick out of this little video I made to celebrate Bush's final 48. Enjoy.

JOCOeveryman said...

May, certainly you can do better than just put up somebody else's work even though you give credit it still is a little lame. I don't come to your blog to read what other people write, I come to see what you write.

I understand that people are unhappy about the Bush administration and even many of us conservatives aren't really happy with the way it all turned out but isn't it a little too easy?

There were many failures and they are easy to find. Did you see the article in the Star this weekend comparing his approval ratings to our own Harry S. Truman? The similarities are pretty interesting.

jk13 said...

Yes. And the holocaust, pearl harbor and the assassination of arch duke Ferdinand was the fault of 43. Don't worry, your messiah BO will wave his magic wand and fix it all. And if that doesn't happen, it's 43's fault. of course.

Stacey K said...

Only a few hours left and Bush can go home. he does have 1 "win" (sorta)

he brought the majority of the country together in at least one respect

everyone hates him.

Voted for McCain or voted for Obama, a whole lot of people will be celebrating the end of the bush years.

May said...

I thought the facts shared in the article were interesting enough for this post and the original post was almost unreadable. I was far too depressed and bitter about the Bush administration to write something from my point of view only. Believe me, I tried several times. I don't think Obama will make everything better, but I am happy to once again have a president that doesn't make me numb with despair on my most depressing days like Bush did a lot these past 8 years.

JOCOeveryman said...

Let's see how you feel about Obama in a couple years.

You in charge of how you feel btw, GWB can't MAKE you feel like anything unless you let him.

I used to get incredibly worked up about all that Washington stuff but I can't let it take my energy like that anymore. It certainly interests me but I won't get all outta my head about it anymore.

May said...

ugh, of course W can't make me feel anything, but his administration and the hatred and awfulness it inspired in US citizens against people like me who were and are anti-war was a very real and extremely negative factor in society the past several years. I couldn't control that or the fact that it made people treat me as a second class citizen. I think even you will admit that one can't be expected to not have an emotional response to this situation especially if it is ongoingly stressful and I had no way of mitigating its effects on my life.

JOCOeveryman said...

Hmmmm.....well candidly there were things I didn't like as well but I just continue to try to bless those around me the best I could. I'm just different I guess in that I want to talk about the future and not the past.

It is just easy to do that and more interesting to talk about where we are going from here.

Again, I'm going to try to take the high road...I wish those who voted for Obama could remember they won and handle it gracefully....or course you don't have to do that but isn't that the new tone Obama talked about? Please tell Rachel Maddow her side won and she can stop being such a victim now.

Jessica said...

I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for posting it. I feel like you about the whole GWB thing. He helped create a bunch of greedy corporate whoremongers, as well as contributed to a haze of depression among many people who were affected negatively by selfish decisions that he made for our country.
One thing I can say that I am going to be happy to never see again is a stupid public display of GWB playing golf or hunting when he should have been working to help this country! WOO Freakin HOO!