Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year In Review

2008 has been the best year of my life so far. It began with my making New Year's resolutions for the first time ever. The first of these was to give up meat, which was incredibly easy and introduced me to an entirely different way of looking at the food I eat as well as the rest of the stuff I put in and on my body. This led to me getting more healthy than I've ever been, weight loss and enjoying guilt-free eating all the time.

My second resolution was to stop smoking cigarettes, which I haven't done so great as with the first. I haven't bought a single pack, but I do sometimes bum a smoke when I'm with smokers at a party somewhere and I am all drunked up. But since I don't even crave them at all when I'm sober, I'm still counting this as a win. This changed my sense of smell dramatically and helped me to realize just how powerful the most "ordinary" toxins can be at affecting one's nervous system and overall health.

I also really revved up my exercise this year, mostly thanks to the cajoling and example of my boyfriend who got me to stop laying around and get moving. This led to my rediscovery of yoga which has had a million and one benefits in my life including but not limited to: increased flexibility, strength, muscle mass and sexual drive; anxiety relief; additional sexiness; increased stamina "in the bedroom;" better posture and breathing; and an overall sense of well being that I was previously totally unfamiliar with.

Then there's the awesomeness that's been going on here at May's Machete. Thanks largely to Tony, my readership and comment count here has grown dramatically which has made this whole blogging thing way more interesting and exciting than any other online project I've ever done before. I have been able to interact with some incredible people, 'force' my opinions on others and generally be as ridiculous as I want to me and you people seem to like it. How awesome is that?

Thank you all for reading, commenting and the like. It's been an incredible year and I expect 2009 is only going to be even better. Happy New Year, everybody!


Xavier Onassis said...

It's been a pleasure gettin' to know ya! Glad things are going so well for you! And don't forget, we have a date in March!

m.v. said...

Happy New Year!

The DLC said...

You are a refreshing and much need voice here in blogland. Hope your 2009 is just as good!

-Jenna- said...

Happy 2009! Glad your 2008 was so great. I really enjoy the blog -- keep posting! :D