Monday, December 8, 2008

Turning Into Mother

It's weird to me to see how I'm growing up to be more and more like my mother, though happily not in any way that I don't like. Like her, I prefer to wear my hair short, to avoid wearing makeup except for special occasions and to wear skirts. Also, I have started jumbling up my cats' names the way she did for us kids (which was especially funny when she'd list all 5 of my other siblings before giving up and saying "whoever you are!") The similarity that is the most... significant is our ridiculous physical sensitivity.

I've always been emotionally sensitive... "too sensitive" by many people's standards, and now it's like my body finally caught up or something. Luckily I watched my mom go through this stuff when I was a kid otherwise I'd be totally freaked out by the changes I've been experiencing. Luckily, I know I can chalk it all up to hereditary stuff.

The first ridiculous sensitivity I have now is being really affected by changes in temperature, however slight. I used to think it was sooo weird that my mom wore a jacket even in the spring and summer but now I totally understand. Every single change in temperature, even if it's just from sudden shade or a change in the wind makes me shiver. Even in the summer time when it's all hot and gross and normally a cool breeze would feel nice, I just have the urge to throw on a jacket anytime one springs up because it makes me so darn cold. It just seems so silly to be cold even when I'm hot but such is my silly little body.

The second ridiculous senstivity is having incredibly sensitive skin, which is just one reason why I've been all detox obsessed this year. It's really weird because when I was a teen my mom's skin started breaking out in rashes around her mouth all the time. She had to go to a dermatologist to figure out what was going on and it turned out that since she was using the same products on her face as us teen girls (Noxema and the like), it was making her skin react. I started having the same weird rash around my mouth if and when I use, for instance, mouthwash. So now I have to avoid all sorts of things - including organic products with too much scent.

It seems so odd that my body would suddenly decide to be more sensitive, but I suppose if it happened to mom, it was only a matter of time before it happened to me since I take after her the most of us 3 girls. But this stuff happened to her much later in life and I think that's the weirdest bit of it for me.

What weird thing(s) did you inherit from your parents?

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Stacey K said...

Early menopause and bladder issues. The first I don't mind at all. Yeah, there is facial hair that I didn't want and the occasional hot flash, but it's worth the trade. I don't plan to have more kids, so I'm happy to be rid of the whole period thing.

The bladder thing though, yeah, that I could live without. My mom had to have something with her bladder done in her 50's. She said "tacked up" whatever that means and it looks like I'm heading that way. It's not like I wet myself when I laugh, cough or sneeze....but if there is more than 15 feet between me and the bathroom when I really have to go, then it might happen. And by really have to go I mean - have to go period. There isn't any warning anymore. One minute I'm fine, the next I have to pee like I've had 6 gallons of water.

Odd, but other than those two things I couldn't find any way that my mom and I are really alike.

JOCOeveryman said...

I have many of my dad's mannerisms though I'm not really like him at all. He will almost never say yes. An affirmative response for him is "probably" and I do that too all the time. I didn't know I did until my wife told me. Good post.

Applecart T. said...

As we age, we do collect all the past and hoard it in. Chilliness /sensitivity to temperature changes and wind seems to be something all women I know who are over 25 experience.

It is SO obvious the chain from any grandmother to mother to daughter. Mine was obsessed with keeping a clean house and keeping control; mom was lesser so, and here am I. No daughters shall carry this one on, but still.

My mom is all about make-up, hairspray, etc. I dabbled; she has always been jealous of anyone, like me, whom she calls "wash and wear" (low-maintenance but still looks fine enough; it's somewhat bias, because I can't leave the house without mascara or, pretty much, taking a shower and going through the whole routine. Unless camping.)

From dad and his parents, I have inherited addiction issues. : )

= all crazy over here!

love your blog; first comment; keep writing (of course!)