Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Skirts = Fetish

A while back I wondered if skirts have become completely fetishized. I think I am perfectly willing to say "yes" to my own question now. Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon wrote about the creepy trend of men taking upskirt (that means just what it sounds like, folks, looking up the skirt) pictures of women - some of the minors! - with camera phones and posting them on the internet.

Check this out:

On a warm summer day two years ago, a 16-year-old girl put on a skirt and headed to the SuperTarget in her hometown of Tulsa, Okla. As she shopped the air-conditioned aisles, a man knelt behind her, carefully slid a camera in between her bare legs and snapped a photo of her underwear. Police arrested the 34-year-old man, but the charges were ultimately dropped on the grounds that the girl did not, as required by the state's Peeping Tom law, have "a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy," given the public location. In non-legalese: Wear a skirt in public, and you might just get a camera in the crotch.
So basically, ladies, you aren't allowed to control what people do with pictures of your body - even if you're covering it up - as long as you are in public places. How fucked up is that? This kinda stuff really pisses me off, besides the fact that I like wearing skirts, because I have struggled my whole freaking life to try and keep men from taking sexual advantage of me, and believe me, it's been a struggle. But the legal system cares so little for a woman's body and rights that any old douche, with what amounts to totally normal levels of technology these days, can invade my privacy, take a picture of what I wouldn't even be able to LEGALLY show in public, post it online for others to see and this is perfectly legal?

Fuck that. I may have semi-naked and naked pictures of me online, but I fucking put them there and that makes a huge amount of difference. Why does a woman's consent mean so little in the sexual arena? It pisses me the fuck off.

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Nuke said...

Stuff like that should be a sex crime, as sexual gratification was the perpetrators intent.

I would settle for it just to be against the law at all, regardless of age or undergarments.

Le Grand Lapin said...

As a legit photographer, I say that's jacked up. We fight every day for privacy rights on so many levels and upskirters and peephole pervs should get their asses kicked. In public. On camera.

One of your earlier posts mentioned the "asking for it" syndrome. The same thing happens to men who wear kilts. They are often "kilt checked" by women and occasionally men, but instead of trying to sneak looks, they simply reach down to the kilt hem and lift it up. A skirt of any description must be a universal indicator of "asking for it". Jeez.

Stacey K said...

That's pretty f'ed up! My daughter pretty much only wears skirts. That choice shouldn't be something that removes her rights to the privacy of her body!

DLC said...

Remember last year when the KCK cop filmed up a teenage girl's skirt at the St. Patty's parade? These freakwads are everywhere.

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Raised as a strict Baptist child, I was pretty much made to wear skirts all the time. (that were below the knee, of course) The reason my parents said that I wasn't allowed to wear pants was because they were form fitting and caused men to lust after me. It had always seemed to me that it was actually the opposite, and men lusted more over women wearing skirts.

There are tons of perverts out there who love to do nasty crazy things like that, and if I ever catch someone trying to take an "underskirt" picture of me, or my daughters, they are gonna get an ass beating of their life and their camera will be smashed and shoved where the sun don't shine. That's all I'm saying!