Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hit Me, Baby, One More Time

When I was a kid and I'd get spanked, I thought: How dare you do this to me! I don't deserve this, especially since we both know it's just because you can't control your rage and nothing to do with me. You bastard!

Now, when I get spanked, I think: Hell yeah! Do that again!

Which just goes to show that things and people change. Like Bettie Page, who inspired this post, who changed from a sexy cult pin-up to a loner-type Jesus freak and who is unfortunately in a coma, which is why I keep thinking about her, seeing articles about it everywhere the past few days. It's sad, but I had the same initial reaction to hearing that news as I did when I found out that Rosa Parks died, which was to think: She is/was still alive? Because for some reason I have this dysfunction where I think if I read about a person in history books at a kid, they must be dead.

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-Jenna- said...

I do the same thing ... (to all of the above)


MoxieMamaKC said...

Ha! I had to laugh out loud. There's lots of things I didn't like as a kid: getting spanked, baked potatoes, sitting in the backseat. Now that I'm older, I appreciate these things! Nice post!

Nuke said...

I was bummed when I heard about Bettie. And I thought, when you brought up Rosa, that you were comparing their cultural impact. I guess I need a break huh...

Anyway as to the spanking, let's hear from the fellas. Tony? Anybody? I know a lot of guys who think they walk on the wild side because they'll smack their woman's rear end. NONE of them claim to like getting spanked. -disclaimer, talking vanilla friends here-

Nuke said...

She passed... :-(

May said...

We will miss you, Bettie :(

Nuke - I know guys who like to be spanked, but not very many. They definitely exist tho!

Nuke said...

Oh I know some myself May. Heck I don't mind with the right person, but it's not really my thing.

All the men I know who admit it tho, admit to being in the kinkster community to 1 degree or another. Even then I don't think all of the guys into it will admit it, which considering the things they WILL admit to liking is kind of weird.