Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Margaret Cho is a Goddess

I absolutely adore Margaret Cho. She is one of my only real-life idols/role models (most are fictional) that express the kind of fierce and silly femininity I want to have in my own life. I admire so greatly how she has remained true to her crazy self despite not fitting in with her Asian-American community, not to mention the straight community. She's bi and not afraid to talk about it - or anything else really - and she just is so alive and vibrant living happily on her terms. Not a lot of women in this world are like that and it is incredibly encouraging to me to see her example.

So of course I was totally jazzed that she got her own show! The Cho Show is one of those shows that I have to see, despite the fact that I don't technically own a TV. I watch it in parts online and revel in the crazy awesomeness that is the life of Margaret Cho. Here are a couple clips to show you what it's like:

Margaret deals with her haunted vagina!

Margaret and her assistant film a "fake sex tape"

I really wanted to end this blog with the video where Margaret wins the Korean of the Year Award, but since I can't embed it, you should just go and watch it. The way that teary-eyed girl who reads her note to Margaret is totally how I feel about her too. She's an incredible inspiration to crazy-awesome women everywhere.

Also, she's super hot!
Hooray for tattoos!

On a completely unrelated note: I'll be on vacation from tomorrow through the 11th, so I won't be posting again til the 12th. See you then!

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