Thursday, November 20, 2008

Margaret and Helen

Margaret and Helen are two 80+ bloggers who have been BFFs for over 60 years. I found their blog during election season because of their awesome posts about Palin. Personally, I love older people (except the old guys who hit one me) because so many of them have got totally brass balls. They've lived long enough to know it doesn't do any good to beat yourself up about mistakes and they don't feel the need to censor themselves because of what people might think. Of course, this doesn't include all older people, but it certainly includes the ones I love and it certainly includes Margaret and Helen.

Their continuing social commentary not only cracks me up with the lovely way it's dispensed, but it gets to the heart of matters without any pussy-footing around. For instance, read this excerpt from today's post about universal healthcare:

Has it occurred to anyone else that the Republican party has become the party of money, guns and sex? It seems to be the only things they think about. Who is having sex with who? How much are my taxes? Keep your hands off my guns. I really think they would explode if a gay couple used their tax refund to purchase an AKA assault rifle. They wouldn’t know whether to hate the sinner or compliment the sin. All the problems we have in the world and this is what we are wasting our time worrying about. Squeaky wheel folks… squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Imagine what the Religious Right Wing of the Republican party could have done if they had used their supposed Christian morality to squeak about helping the poor. They could have swept the election if someone had said something like: As Christians we think Christ would want us to tend to the suffering of the poor so universal health care is important to us. And money is no object. We will gladly share some of our riches to help the least among us.

My God but what a unified electorate that would have been.

But no. Instead they hitched their star to Joe the Plumber who was worried not about sharing the money he had, but rather about sharing the money that he might one day have. I mean those Republicans are so greedy they are hoarding the wealth they haven’t even amassed yet. Twins I tell you. There is no telling them apart from Jesus. It’s like looking in a mirror. Of course the mirror is at a carnival fun house but mirror none the less.

It is just so interesting to me that the voters who most value religious freedom seem to be the most willing to embrace religious values, while the voters who claim to be the most religious are clearly the least. Don’t get me wrong. There are lots well-intentioned, good hearted Christians out there. We just don’t seem to be squeaking loud enough. We’ve known for years that we have a health care problem. Bill used Hilary Clinton to try and address it back in 1992. Do you realize that was 16 years ago? Republicans squeaked that it was Government-run healthcare and it would bankrupt our county. So millions of families continued to live without adequate healthcare while the government swept the whole mess under the rug. Suddenly banks and auto industries are having trouble and money seems to be growing on trees. Says a great deal about our priorities.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Waiting until a child is so sick that the emergency room is the only option or worse yet, using the emergency room because you can’t get in to see a doctor is a recipe for disaster. I know many of you will say it is not that easy. It is more complicated than that. Well crap on that. I say it is that easy. Years ago we decided to go to the moon. We made it a priority and to the moon we went. Around that same time I remember my children watching a space show on TV.. Star Wars or Star Trek or something like that. I remember the characters held little boxes in their hand and talked to one another from wherever they happened to be. Recently I have noticed a lot of people walking around with little boxes in their hand talking to everyone everywhere. My son tells me those little boxes are called I Phones. My point is that if we dream it we can do it. If we make it a priority smart people can work out all the problems and come up with a solution. So why wouldn’t we want to make sure that no one in this great country of ours ever has to choose between food on the table or medicine for a child?

Priorities people. Priorities.

God, I love honesty and perspective. You should check these ladies out. They rock.

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Awesome! I want to grow up to be them. Thanks for pointing the way.