Monday, November 3, 2008

Light Rail Will Be an Epic Fail

I was going to use today's post to talk about seeing Cinematic Titanic. But it's not a good story and I was overall disappointed in the experience so instead I decided to talk about this stupid light rail initiative in KC that just won't die.

I've always been against the light rail because even as a kid it has always been obvious that the planners just aren't thinking logically. The plans for light rail have never been presented in any workable fashion for this city. I'm all for alternative transportation as you should know by now, but I want alternative transportation that works and not some stupid experiment that can't even get the buy-in of the neighborhoods where it's supposed to be.

What pisses me off the most about it is proponents using the argument that KC is supposedly behind the times because "every other city this size has one." I'm not in the habit of keeping up with the Joneses and my city doesn't need to either. It needs solutions that will work for the people who live HERE not the people who live in other cities.

There's a ton of money behind getting this through and there will be a ton more thrown at it if it passes, but I think we could be much smarter about our spending. Here's what I'd rather see us spend money on instead:

  • Fixing the city streets and bridges, especially the pot holes
  • Creating more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly bridges and streets
  • Improving the current transit system with more fuel efficient buses and adding bus routes
What do you think?

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Teresita said...

I was only in KCMO for a total of three work weeks (on travel, I live in the Seattle area), and here's the problem there: It's real easy to go north and south, and you can go east on west on the freeways that ring around the whole city, but if you're in the middle of the city (south of downtown), you can't go east or west without doing zig-zags all over the place. So if you do need light rail, and it needs to fan out east and west from "classic" KC where all the pretty old buildings are.

DLC said...

I can appreciate all the concerns about this light rail plan which, frankly is not ideal. The reason it will probably pass is that many KC citizens have been demanding action for years and the powers that be have never taken it seriously. It took voter approval of Chastain's silly plan to get it on the political radar for keeps. This is the only way it's ever gonna happen, which is why I'm voting for it.