Monday, November 17, 2008

Create Your Own Reality

My friend Darcy started a program called Create Your Own Reality that recently went from being in people's homes to public forums like the Kemper Art Museum and Plaza Wellspring. I keep telling people it's like arts & crafts for grown-ups, but it's basically just a place for people to come together and make stuff. The idea behind it being that everyone creates their own reality and if you're not making something then all you're doing is responding to everyone else. Or something. That's my interpretation of it anyway.

But I found a new significance in the phrase when on Sunday night my man and I were walking to Half-Price Books as the sun was setting. The sky was banded with two large masses of purple clouds, one darker, one lighter. I was amazed not only because it's the most beautiful sunset I've seen in a while, but also because those clouds looked exactly like how I have drawn the sky (above) in my own special impressionistic-y way! It gave a whole new meaning to the idea of creating my own reality because it felt like I had created everyone else's too.

And even if I didn't, I'm still taking credit for that sunset. You can't stop me. Ha!

Anyway, if you like making stuff - knitting or drawing or whatever it is you do - you should come by Create Your Own Reality sometime. It's held monthly and next month's will be December 20 at the Kemper, if I remember correctly. Contact Darcy for more info.

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Stacey K said...

Thank you for sharing this!! I will be there.

Darcy said...

I'd like you to take credit for that sunset too! What a beautiful way to put it.
I'm glad that you tuned into the underlying aspect that Create Your Own Reality is about engaging face-to-face with people as you create in whatever form you'd like. From updating your recipe book, making a greeting card or coloring its a time to engage in the world and take off the imaginary blinders we so often have surrounding us. Thanks for coming and for being an awesome friend!