Friday, October 10, 2008

The Unapolagetic Mexican

Thanks to, I found the most amazing blog: The Unapolagetic Mexican. The post I first read was about women's lives being negatively affected by sexual harrassment, abuse and stalkers. His friend, Mary, had been stalked by a man who attempted then attempted to rape her, waiting naked in her apartment building to attack her:

So what will happen to the creep who attacked Mary? Not much. And she? As I said, she is for the most part okay. Physically, that is. She only ended up spraining her wrist in the struggle. But mentally? Well. Mary is on pills now. Incoherent. She is sleeping all day. She no longer goes to dance class. She no longer takes bike rides by herself. She no longer does much but stay with a friend who she work(ed) with. You see, this is not her first trauma at the hands of men. Not by a long shot. Just as my first love’s rape was not her first time, either. No, that found her in her own childhood home. Just like Mary.

But you know that. Especially if you are a woman. Because for you, this is a fact of life.

It's rare to find a guy who GETS THAT about being a woman. Most don't understand that on a daily basis you are constantly having to scan the area for someone who might want to take advantage of you, watching for danger zones where you walk, and hoping that you won't be bothered by some strange man who may or may not escalate the situation into something horrible. So, you know, I basically fell in love with him right there.

But then he went and got even more amazing in his analysis of hard-core Republicans who are "jumping ship" due to McCain/Palin insanity:

As I talked about people in my life, she asked “So, they are voting for Obama, too, right?” almost shoring up…reinforcement. Because the interesting part happened when I asked who she was voting for. She paused for a beat, and in a confessional tone, began talking about how she had been for McCain but very recently had begun having second thoughts about supporting him. This was clearly a bombshell dropping in her own life. This person is 65 years old and I could tell just by the way she was talking that this was no small decision to her.

“I’ve voted Republican my entire life,” she said looking in my eyes. “But…” And the rest was implied in that silence.

“What happened to change your mind?” I asked.

“It was…the last debate,” she said. And then mentioned something about McCain’s health plan, but…to be honest, the way it was delivered…well. It didn’t feel to me as if that were the (at least not the entire) Big Reason. As a writer of stories and characters who need credible motivation for catalytic movements, it really wouldn’t hold up in a book. Not for such a switch in a person’s political convictions. But maybe I’m wrong, because she wouldn’t be the only woman McCain is losing over similar reasons. No matter, because even if my hunch was correct, I didn’t use the thought to pry more. I was just glad to hear that she was moving away from McCain. As far as I’m concerned, she could have said “I’m not voting for McCain because he seems insane to me” or “He scares the hell out of me and I don’t know why.” But whatever. “Health plan” works for me. In fact, I challenge anyone to find a good reason to vote FOR McCain…that ain’t grounded in fear.

Once again, I couldn't agree more! Plus, does he have amazing story-telling skillz or what? This is the first blog I've come across in a long time that just absolutely blew me away. I will be eagerly awaiting his next post, and you should too. Subscribe!

Oh, and since most of you KC people probably thought this post was going to be about TKC, I'd just like to say that I firmly believe that Tony is THE reason why the KC blogosphere is so amazingly connected and community-ish. This shit doesn't happen most places. And granted, KC being a "big small town" might have something to do with it - but mostly it's just Tony keeping an eye on everyone and keeping us connected. Tony, you rock.

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CityBluz said...

Got this link through Tony's KC - and I agree with everything you said about him, only more so.

If not for Tony, there is NO way I could keep up on any politicking in this town - the KC Star hasn't been a real newspaper for many years, and the media outlets are as empty-headed as my ex.

Darcy said...

Wow, good stuff. Thanks May.

Just Kim U said...

Wow. Somehow I followed 3 links on other blogspot sitesa and found your blog.

Must me a sign.


Adding you to my daily reading.

May said...

Kim, that's awesome! Thanks for stopping by and reading :)