Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh No You Didn't!

ACK! I know I just raved up Jezebel in an earlier post today, but they gone and pissed me right off. How? By posting an article about how the pain of labor is pointless. I mean, who would want to be PHYSICALLY AWARE of pushing out new life? Wouldn't it just be much better if all of your natural responses just shut down for this brief moment in your life?

Not only have they done zero research on the subject, which is obvious (and I have thank you very much!), but they only go off one ridiculous study that they don't even link to and the notion that all pain is bad. Here's my PO'ed comment:

I'm sorry, but this is complete BS! The pain of labor is a natural part of the muscle movement and subsequent information-relaying to the brain required to move the baby down the birth canal - it's just the same only worse as period cramps, which also are a result of a PERFECTLY NORMAL BODILY FUNCTIONS. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it unnecessary. The pain women feel in labor is part of their body preparing their child for living in the world outside the placenta: labor gives babies head massages during the labor that help prepare them for breathing oxygen and move fluid out of their lungs. When you remove the pain from the labor, women's bodies become confused and have much more problems with moving the child down the canal. That's why so many women stop labor after having epidurals and then have to have their labor re-started by doctors. Pain is just a part of life. Get over it.
I can't stand people being stupid about the female body and its functions, especially when no one thinks it's even important to teach women what's actually going on down there.

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Xavier Onassis said...

You're both wrong.

Everybody knows that the pain of childbirth is God's punishment to all women for Eve eating the apple from the talking snake, who was Satan.

An indisputable fact.

m.v. said...

As an expert on the pain of childbirth (I saw my wife experiencing it :-) ) I would have to disagree with the statement "pain is just a part of life -get over it". You can extend it to headache, toothache or whatever. There are many things that are a natural part of life doesn't mean that you would sit around and wait for them to go away. If your personal beliefs and convictions lead you to believe that it needs to be experienced by you it's perfectly fine, but if you are talking about woman's rights to do with her body as she sees fit in some aspects, how can you criticize someone for applying the same concept in other aspects.

Joe Pontillo said...

I'm extremely surprised that Jezebel took this position on the topic. Seems antithetical to what I thought they stood for.

Stacey K said...

I had really screwed up labor. 24 hours of non-stop contractions. Started 1 1/2 min long and 1 min apart. By the time they came and said c-section I was an expert on pain. For me comparing it to period cramps is the same as comparing stubbing your toe to getting your foot caught in the lawn mower. A slow moving lawnmower with dull blades, but no way to escape. The labor was all natural, no drugs or other inducements - just went wrong naturally. I am a HUGE fan of less painful childbirth. Vbac might be for some, but not for me. I had all 4 kids via section and don't regret it.

Xavier Onassis said...

I think it's hialrious that the first 3 comments on a post by a woman about the pains of childbirth were posted by men (including me).

That's messed up! LOL!

Teresita said...

One of the most important books I ever read was Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants by the late Dr. Brand. He turns the idea of pain as our enemy right on its head. I still don't like pain, but I can accept it better because I know what its for and how good it really is to be able to feel pain.

Rebecca said...

Unless you've ever experienced the pain of labor, you shouldn't make judgements about other women's choices on the matter. After 20 hours of labor I couldn't wait to get an epidural and a c-section.

badabum said...

Pain's an evolutionary gain, labor pain even more so. The faster the kid gets out the less you're vulnerable & exposed to potential predators.

Simple as that.

May said...

I am in no way making judgments on other womens' choices in labor. What I'm making a judgment on is the statement that all pain is bad and the statement that pain in labor is completely pointless. I think that's completely incorrect. Pain in labor serves a purpose, but I really don't care how anyone chooses to drug themselves up for it.

MoxieMamaKC said...

I got an epidural when I had Darling and it was the best choice I could have made. I wasn't scared of the pain, but um, let's just say it's distracting. It's not like you don't feel anything, it just keeps it to a dull roar.

I was glad that I could listen to the doctor with a clearer head when she told what to do and I felt more involved in the whole 7 hour process.

Also I'm glad that the first thing my daughter ever heard was me crying with joy instead of pain.

Those first few hours after a child are born are so important for mother child bonding, I was able to completely focus on her and not on my pain.

It's a choice every mother has to make (my MIL had 5 kids without anything, but I think she's a sadist). It's too individual and everyone has a different tolerance level.

-Jenna- said...

I'm not quite sure why I plan these things in my head, as I'm a LONG way from experiencing it ... but I've always wanted to attempt to have a completely natural and drug-free childbirth. I agree with your viewpoint on pain. It's there for a reason IMO.

I rarely even take medicine for headaches (Unless they're just really bad and I need to focus on something), period cramps, or illnesses of any sort. I don't like the idea of putting medicine in my body to take care of things. I tend to take more natural approaches to solving the problems.

nurse said...

When a baby us born it is expelled from the uterus, not placenta. The sadist is obviously an idiot. Enough said!