Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now and Then

XO started a meme about how our appearances change over time, and since I've already posted a few oldies, but goodies of myself, I figured a few more can't hurt. Plus, going through old pics of myself crack me up because I can't get over the god-awful clothes I used to wear.

Like everyone else, my first "style" was whatever people put me in. But I DID manage to accessorize with some stylish fake glasses.

This is me with my third grade class (I'm second from the left). I wore variations of these same awful clothes I and the other girls are wearing for a long time.

Of course, after I started earning money and buying some of my own clothes, I dressed a bit better, as shown in this picture taken on a vacay to Floriday when I was 14.

Unfortunately, the 80s were a difficult time for us all, and I had my share of ridiculous dresses. Here I am with two of my then-BFFs, all swanked up for some formal church thing.

Once I started going to Maple Woods, I finally had the nerve to wear pants for the first time in my life, and do lots of other things my parents didn't approve of. Including experimenting with all types of clothing from mini skirts to corsets, like the one I wore in the above picture to a party.

After a couple years of that, I normalized some and wore the typical jeans and tshirt combo just about all the time. Plus, I got super sucked into college shite and clothes became less and less of an issue. That's my sister and I on Presque Isle in Erie, PA where I later got hitched, btw.

Now that I'm out of school and have free time, I am crafting my own girly/professional style for the workplace and elsewhere, as I've blogged about before. That's what I wore to work yesterday; one of my more boring outfits if I say so myself, though I do love those shoes.

But in reality, I spend most of my time in shit like this, because I like to be comfy.

And that's my style evolution. What was yours?

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m.v. said...

I don't have a style,never had,probably never will. The only thing constant - I never pay full price.

May said...

I hear that!