Friday, October 24, 2008

More Ways to Use Human Energy

A couple months ago, I blogged about a phone powered by dance energy, which was fairly unique, but now there's even more gadgets and gizmos designed to use the power of the human body:
Club4Climate - EarthFirst covered the story of the new eco dance club in London that generates 60% of its power from people dancing on the specially-designed dance floor made of crystal blocks. To come into the club, people have to pledge to work to address climate change and those who come by bike are let in for free. Once inside, organic drinks are served and "all you really have to do is dance to save the world." The club also uses solar and wind power.

Human Waterfall Pump - i09 posted about a new design from Gunwook Nam that combines a boardwalk with a waterfall to create a human-powered water pump to pull up ground water to the surface in arid areas. Supposedly the structure can be made to work anywhere that people will walk, run and play, storing the energy for use as needed. Nam calls his invention the "new self-sufficient invention for future."

Sneaker Generators - TreeHugger was all over these ugly sneakers, that use your the energy created when you walk to power hand-held devices like cell phones and iPods. The soles are filled with water that is pumped through a turbine running a generator you walk that produces 1.2 watts of electricity, enough to power an iPod indefinitely, as long as you don't sit down.

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Very cool and progressive inventions!