Friday, October 17, 2008

Masturbation Fantasy In the Making

Oh. Man.

Spock was always incredibly sexy to me as a kid/teen/adult. The amazing control of his emotions/reactions, the voice that turns a certain spot in my gut to jelly, the pointy ears, the blue eyes and dark hair, the freaking brilliance and knowledge, him being man enough to run around in blue eyeshadow, the pointy ears, all of it just turns me on all the way up to 11!

But now... Spock is the hottest he's ever been! Zachary Quinto was already gorgeous and slightly mind-numblingly hot before he put on the Spock get-up, but after.... RAWR!

I may have to take a towel to the theater with me. You know, to sit on.

Thanks to i09 and XO for pointing out the newly-released pics.

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Teresita said...

Spock? I suppose. If you must.

Me, my taste in Vulcans runs more to this side of the house. Heh.

Darcy said...

MMmm, Zachary Quinto!!

Stacey K said...

Oh Spock over Kirk any day. MMMM...the new movie is looking good.