Monday, October 20, 2008

How Obama Gave Me My Pride Back

I am thankful to be an American /To be part of a land that's free / In a nation blessed with the very best I will stand with my head held tall

Those are lyrics from a song I learned in elementary choir and I remember how full of pride and joy I was singing it, because I truly loved this nation and its people and its history. When 9/11 happened, I knew horrible things were going to happen in our country because of it, and I watched in quiet desperation as the Bush Administration stripped our rights while Congress rolled over on its back. For the past nearly 8 years, whenever I've remember that I can be classified as an American, instead of feeling proud I felt mortified and ashamed to be associated with the things going on in our nation and across the sea while this long war just wouldn't stop, no matter how many times they declared "victory."

On Saturday night, when I heard Obama speak to me and the other 74,000 people at the Liberty Memorial, I realized that for the first time in a long time, I was filled with patriotism and hope for the future. Imagine having a government that works for the people again instead of against it! How exciting is that? I nearly started crying I was so overwhelmed, and I couldn't even see Obama! But I could see the crowd stretching out all around me and feel their energy and enthusiasm and it made my skin tingle to see the most Kansas Citians I've ever seen at once all coming together, working to create this change we need.

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emawkc said...

It's discouraging to me that so many people have allowed themselves to become bedazzled by the Obama cult of personality.

To allow your thoughts and emotions to be swayed so easily is dangerous (as the last 8 years have shown us).

Have you already forgotten that less than four months ago, Mr. Obama was part of the very shredding of the constitution that you bemoan?

I hope you're right. I hope things do change.

But I know, based on the reasons (and lack thereof) that so many people are supporting Obama, that there won't be any real change.

Teresita said...

We didn't used to be one of those torture countries you hear about. We've been a torture country for the last eight years. Maybe we won't be a torture country ever again.

May said...

emawkc: I haven't been taken in by a cult of personality. I have been given hope that our nation isn't going to destroy itself by someone who has a great idea about what we need to do to make our country functional.

I don't understand why you don't think there would be a change from 8 years of Republican stupidity by electing a new Democratic president, especially one who is focused on making American more sustainable, which is the only way we'll survive any of the crises we are facing.

-Jenna- said...

I so wish I could have been a part of that crowd in KC. Or even the crowd in St. Louis (Weren't those numbers around 100,000?) Either way the attendance he drew was astounding.

Obama-Biden '08!

The Old Man said...

All the wonderful words are meaningless coming from someone
who has mastered nothing other than, with the help of others, the Chicago political machine.
In his 30+ years of adulthood he has yet to accomplish anything noteworthy.
We long for new, inspirational leadership, but I doubt it will come from the same old well of the political class.
This country and the world is in a mess. It will take more than the marketing of a new pretty face on the same old Democrat policies to solve anything.

Deborah said...

Hello, Help....I attended a racist rally in Camdenton Missouri
disguised as a "Tea Party" rally..
I need you blogs.......Please read and go to link....
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Camdenton Missouri.
I have been working for years with depressed teens that are devastated that they are "different" by skin color, sexual orientation or religious orientation at Camdenton High School.
I just attended a rally in the Camdenton high School gymnasium under the disguise of a "Tea Party" Rally.
To my shock and horror, I was at a rally that preached hate and prejudice.
I am very disgusted by the fact that the Camdenton school board rented out the high school building for $750.00 and allowed a public school building to be used to spread prejudice.
I am so angry because the speakers at this meeting were white Christians preaching hate against religion other than one, homosexuals, the passage of the Hate Crimes Bill, anti government, Obama, etc, etc, etc,
My concern is for the kids who attend this school.
How can multicultural, gay, lesbian, straight, atheist teens ever receive civil rights in Camdenton Missouri when their own superintendent of the school allows rally's spewing hate against them?
My opinion letter was published in the Camdenton Lake Sun Newspaper and I am sending you a link.
Hopefully you will blog your thoughts and I am writing everybody I find to stop such prejudice in this small white Christian town in Missouri.

I am fighting for civil rights of all kids.
please go to the link and blog...thanks
one voice makes a difference for our kids.
Deborah Webster BS MA CASA LPC