Monday, September 29, 2008

Barbie, Served Cold and Hot

The other day I asked what Barbie art exists and DLC was kind enough to point me to some. Tom Forsythe is selling these puppies for $400-500. I'm thinking it's not worth it:

The artist's comment: What began as a pictorial antidote to the powerful cultural forces persuading us to buy the impossible beauty myth became a five year legal battle that established important free speech rights for artists.

What?! How is this examining the beauty myth? I think it's more like watching someone with a freaky food fetish perv up some little girls dolls. What do you think?

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Alline said...

Isn't Barbie art so, um, 80's? I thought Todd Haynes' Superstar (the Karen Carpenter story told with Barbies) was the pentultimate, and the end of it. I guess not. Pregnant Barbie is a lot less shocking than the perceived-as-normal-but-looking-rather-hootchie-mama "regular" barbies! I sympathize with your former Baptist angst - I grew up Mormon and it took YEARS to get over! Hang in! Your posts are great!

DLC said...

C'mon, no love for Barbie Enchiladas?

And yes Todd Haynes' Superstar is the original and the best piece of Barbie art out there. Apparently, he was sued for his use of the Carpenters music not for his use of Barbies. Anyhow, it's an absolute must-see (if you can find it).

May said...

Well, I did think the Barbie Encheladas were the only f*ed up pictures... if that's what you mean by "love"