Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Protect Yourself from McCain This Election

While I'm about as blase about this whole election thing as Midtown Miscreant (conspiracy theorist= me? remember? I don't really think elections change that much... shhh!), I am excited about W 2.0 being sent back to Texas and getting a black President. Because, I don't see how Obama can lose (it's okay, disagree with me - I'm not that invested) especially when he's got such great backers like Planned Parenthood. My friend Sara works there and was able to get me some pictures of what the PP in Ohio somewhere is handing out on little matchbook covers full of condoms... Too frickin' awesome:

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Anonymous said...

If McCain wins this country is stupider than I thought.

May said...

That's pretty much how I'm feeling.

Bryan said...

I thought this country has been proven as stupid in both of the last two presidential elections. Why should we expect that American's have gotten smarter all of a sudden in the past few years?

May said...

I don't think they've gotten smarter so much as things have changed enough that Dems will win: the people kept from voting in the last presidential election (despite being registered) shouldn't have that problem this time; kids who weren't old enough to vote against W last time can now; and no one is using the "don't switch presidents during a war" lameness, so I think that's enough reason to believe the voters have changed enough for our results to change.

Jenna said...

McCain and W 2.0 are one in the same. It's quite creepy the similarities.

Obama/Biden '08!

OH - and Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad life is looking up for you ...

May said...

Thanks! but it's not my birthday til the 14th... I've just been thinking about it so I decided not to wait to post.