Thursday, August 14, 2008

Planet, Not Politics

XO left an awesome comment on yesterday's post. I over all agree with him, with the understanding that as a conspiracy theorist I wouldn't be in favor of any such uniting led by the evil secret societies. *shakes fist* Okay, now that's out of my system, let's give our full attention to what is possibly the best comment I've ever gotten on this blog:

I totally agree.

However, I think it is just a first step.

I would like to see it eventually expanded to Central America and even South America.

And Africa. And Europe. And Asia.

I know it sounds all SciFi-ish and Utopian, but we really need a Terran Union.

The old saying is that "no man is an island". That's true. But it is even truer that ALL of mankind IS an island on this planet. At least for now.

The sooner we realize that we are all in this together and we need each other to survive, the sooner we can get past the territorial, philosophical Neanderthal crap and move to the next stage of human and social evolution.

Shouldn't all of the planet's (and the solar system's) resources be pooled and shared to the greatest benefit of everyone?

Shouldn't the goal be that no human on the planet is left without the basic necessities of life or the means to achieve whatever they wish?

Shouldn't we all have an equal share in the success or failure of our species?

Beyond that, shouldn't all life, everywhere, have an equal stake in the success or failure of all other life?

How is this a point of contention for anybody? Seems like a forgone conclusion to me.


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Anonymous said...

Agreed on all points! Particularly concerning resources. Since I was a kid I could never figure out why we weren't doing the resource math on a global scale. So much waste!


P.S. Speaking of which, I was going to e-mail you a super cool friends super cool new blog but didn't see a way to do it so I will put it in this post! Hope that isn't too annoying.

May said...

Thanks for sending me that link. I'm subscribing right now...

Bryan said...

And who would run it? What if you disagreed with them?

Sorry, but I would be one of the freedom fighters violently opposing it until my inevitable death.

May said...

Um, people, because that's how governments work. I'm not talking about some all-powerful entity. I'm talking about democracy across the planet.

Bryan said...

Governments are all powerful, or have you not been listening to the news?

How much of what our government does do you agree with? What have you been able to do to actually change things you don't agree with? What about other people who don't agree with you and are directly opposing any efforts you make?

All people will never agree on what's right unless you remove everything that makes us unique, including all cultural differences. That is a terrifying thought, at least to me.

Ultimately I care for only one thing and that is individuality. Yes individuality causes wars, but without it we are robots.

May said...

I disagree.

Bryan said...

You disagree... And it is your right to do so that I will die fighting to protect if it ever came to it.

And that is exactly the point I am trying to make which you made for me better than I could have done by myself.

May said...

Okay, but no body needs to die for me to disagree which is kind of my point.

Bryan said...

absolutely. You currently have the right to disagree and nobody has to die for you to do so. I agree this is the best situation and we are currently living in a good time in history.

The types of worlds described in books like 1984 and Brave New World terrify me far more than nuclear or biological warfare. If people had to die to prevent an anti-utopian world such as this... even if ALL people had to die, then I say good riddance. The planet can start over as it has done many times before in its history. Maybe the next humans would work out better.

Bryan said...

Of course I would greatly prefer if that didn't have to happen. I like living, and I like everyone else living also.

May said...

Me too

Joe Pontillo said...

Uhh... no, the planet's resources should not be pooled and equally shared. That's an economic system that has never, ever worked. The European Union wasn't established to create an equal share of resources across Europe. Each nation is responsible for its own economy.

But other than, I pretty much agree with the ideals here. As a rich and powerful nation, we would be wise to commit our resources to global health and education initiatives. You've heard the old "teach a man to fish" adage. Ignorance is easy to exploit and manipulate. Ignorance is why there is terrorism.

People need to be educated, so that they can raise themselves up, form their own systems of government, and learn how to self-sustain. (This, of course, while ensuring that the people being educated are not, you know, starving to death.) THAT would be to the benefit of everyone on the planet.

Bryan said...

I like you Joe. ^_^

May said...

When I think pool the world's resources, I think actually having systems in place that make resources able to go to the people who need them... That's totally doable if we all pull our heads our of our asses.