Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My New Theory of the Universe

Recently I read part of The View from the Center of the Universe: Discovering our Extraordinary Place in the Cosmos (which I don't recommend) and learned about dark matter and dark energy. What you need to know about dark matter and dark energy for my purposes is that it is what is causing all of the universe to expand but it doesn't interact with us or anything we can see - it just passes through us as if we weren't there. Once again, dark matter and dark energy 1) make the universe expand exponentially and 2) don't interact with us at all.

So this is my new theory of the universe as inspired by these revelations: I think that the dark matter and dark energy are all the parallel universes that exist alongside us. The reason it keeps expanding and making the universe more immense is because more parallel universes spring up all the time, right?

Anyway, that's me taking science and having its illegitimate baby (yes, I'm obsessed with having a baby), but it's cute, innit?

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Xavier Onassis said...

Actually, I think you are probably on the right track. More than you realize.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy can't be seen or measured, they don't interact with regular energy and matter, but they make up 90% of the universe around us and causes it to expand? That just doesn't sound right.

I don't believe that what scientists are calling Dark Matter and Dark Energy are really matter OR energy. I think it's something else entirely that they don't understand.

I think they will ultimately find that rather than being matter or energy, it is actually a manifestation of, yes, the extra dimensions behind brane cosmology.

There are several very good lectures on brane cosomology in .pdf form here:


This is not new age fringe stuff. This is hard, bleeding edge phyysics. I think you'll enjoy it.

Just my way of saying thanks for the Watchmen. :)

Xavier Onassis said...

Same url, but tinyfied.


Nuke said...

That makes as much, or more, sense as any theory I have read in recent years.
I agree with XOs assesment, insomuch as I believe that Dark Matter and Dark Energy are terms hung on concepts that nobody really understands at this point. One day maybe somebody will crack the understanding barrier and the terms will become a footnote in the history of astrophysics.

May said...

That would be sweet.

Andrew Mortlock said...

interesting theory, but the universe is everything that there is. there cannot be alternate universes because if they exist they would already be part of the universe, therefore they cannot be alternate. it's like saying infinity plus one, or, there's more than everything. I'm only correcting the use of the phrase "alternate universe", because there cannot be an alternate of everything.

basically what I'm saying is the definition of the word universe is "everything there is".

so instead of the use of the term alternate universe, there has to be a word coined for what we know of the the space around us containing the galaxies, stars, black holes, etc.. - there may be an alternate of one of these.

But we don't know the boundaries (or even if there are any) of what holds these objects we know, to be able to suggest that there are any alternate versions.

Because, and sorry to drag this out, IF there were some kind of boundary, it would only be the boundary between one part of the universe and another, because there is only one universe.

there can only be one universe. amen.

Heather said...

I think that "dark matter" can be seen, people just have an ignorance to it's presence.I believe that all unexplained phenominom can be linked together by a theory of comingling universes. The conspiracy theories all have realativity they just don't have an organizer. I think there has been evidence to the comingling, the green children of st martins whom lived in perpetual twililight. Just one of the Many small links in this long chain of activity.