Friday, August 8, 2008

Even Vegetarians Love Bacon Shoe

Last night I volunteered as a condom disperser/petition signature gatherer volunteer for Planned Parenthood at the Pitch Music Showcase, which was spread across six Westport venues. We started at 7 but the music didn't start up until 8 so the first couple of hours were really boring until one of my blog readers came along! (Hi, John!) It was neat to have my first off-the-web encounter with a reader, especially since he used to live up Seattle-way as well; I enjoyed hearing someone else talk about how lame & white it is for a change.

I was with a group of other people and we kept wandering around from venue to venue. About 8:45 we were by the Dark Horse Tavern (again - I'd gone there earlier and gotten a signature from the bouncer) and all of a sudden behind a tree I saw Bacon Shoe - the only name on the entire list of 35 local bands I recognized and have seen perform before! I was so excited at what I thought would be the closest I ever came to them, that I took this awful picture:

They're the guys in the black t-shirts partially obscured by the trees. Neat, huh? But then we all wandered back up towards McCoys and the night continued to progress slowly... And then it was time to collect the signatures and we were done, with, as luck would have it, plenty of time for me to scootch back down to the Dark Horse and catch the last half hour of Bacon Shoe.

When I got there, the place was so packed that there was a large group of people forced to stand outside. I slipped in at the door, smiling at the bouncer I'd met before and thinking nothing being let in until the bouncer asked me if the guy behind me trying to follow me in was with me. When I said no (cuz he wasn't), he told the guy that he wasn't allowed to let anyone else in because they were over capacity. There's something to be said for knowing bouncers, I have to say. So I got to stay inside, though just right by the door (where Mr. Ruggles was frying up some bacon), and take some more super shitty pictures for you:

Then, of course, right then I'm thinking this is the closest I'll ever get to Bacon Shoe when Lethal D squeezed past me on his way out the door to wave a hand at the crowd outside. Later, Mr. Ruggles, going in and out delivering bacon, bumped heads with me even. Now that is a brush with fame. Ha.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that you should volunteer for Planned Parenthood because then you too could come within crotch-brushing distance of a local celebrity.

Also, for those of you who haven't experienced the wonder and delicious bacon-y smell of a Bacon Shoe show, here's a little something:

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Anonymous said...

Great to meet you May! That was a great night out, Westport at it's best.

We will have to compare NW notes sometime. Speaking of cool bands I actually went to school with Sleater Kinney and Kimya Dawson!

- Jon

May said...

Damn, I'm jealous! :)