Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Body Odor an Aphrodisiac?

The elephant often in the room during the hawt summer months is the dreaded, yet almost unavoidable issue of body odor. Most of us do everything we can to avoid any sort of strong smell that naturally comes from our bodies, but I'd like you single men and women out there to take this stink-ridden season as an opportunity for finding a compatible mate.

WTF? You say. I say, it's all very simple: people with dissimilar genes are more likely to be attracted to each others' body scent AND more likely to have a fulfilling sex life (thus, less likely to cheat). WebMD states:

You may remember the experiment in 1995 in which female (presumably heterosexual) college students were asked to rate the "pleasantness" of the smell of several unwashed T-shirts that had been worn for two nights by several different male students. It showed that the more different the woman and man were in their genes (in particuar, the ones that cause immune responses), the more "pleasant" she rated his T-shirt.

In other words, the less they both had genes that serve the protective function of causing immune responses, the more likely the woman would be sexually attracted to him. On average, heterosexual couples share only about 20% of their immune system genes. So, when it comes to immune system genes, opposites do attract.
So ladies and gentlemen, I challenge you to take this sweltering weather as an opportunity to sniff out your next relationship! You might even find... love at first whiff (god, I kill me).

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kcmeesha said...

there is a difference between a body odor and a stink. the former could be sexy. I guess I am more tolerant to things like these and they don't bother me at all, unlike for example the onion breath

Joe Pontillo said...

This reminds me of the Richard Pryor bit where he talks about visiting Africa and picking up a hitchhiker. The guy they picked up was a naturalist - i.e., probably hadn't bathed in months, living with the land. So Richard and his wife roll down the window, gasping for clear air. Meanwhile, the guy they picked up smells all their perfumes and deodorants and rolls down HIS window to gasp for clear air.

May said...

ha ha! awesome!

Just goes to show that one way or another, everybody smells :)

Unknown said...

Well I can assure you all, that body odor IS an aphrodisiac. I get a wif of my man, and it drives me insane!! I want to tear his clothes off where ever we happen to be, and just do it like animals!

NOW, BAD B.O is another story, *PHEWY* not liking it at all, but there certainly is a difference, and im living proof that it can be an aphrodisiac for some women!!

YUM YUM, just thinkin about it, makes me wanna go smell my man!!


orderviagra6 said...
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Martin Brant said...

The pheromones in human sweat causes the aphrodisiac affect. Think of the guy (or girl)on a warm morning run after a shower, not the guy who never bothers to bathe. You may find yourself inclined to bury your nose in his underarm.

By the way, you are quite an interesting lady.


Stacey K said...

Interesting post. I have known a few different men who had scents that were irresistible.

Anonymous said...

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