Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Your Mamma Shoulda Told Ya: Check Your Tire Pressure

I love summer rain showers! I know it's kind of awful, but I'm looking forward to a rainy summer; just like how 1993 was my favorite summer EVER. Of course, I'm hardly the only one making this comparison and thinking about floods here. My out-of-state friend Brittney called me up the other day to make sure I wasn't around any flooding.

Which, reminded me of another summer day when Britt and I were crusing around the icky city of Erie, PA when we noticed her tire going flat. After pulling into a gas station, I expected her to hop out and check her tires, but instead she said she didn't know how. I was deeply shocked because my mom made me start learning how to take care of a car long before I was able to drive them (grumble). Checking the air filter, oil and tire pressure were just skills you were forced to learn like cooking and sewing and shit.

But my point is YOUR MAMMA SHOULDA TOLD YA how to check your car's tire pressure.

Especially with the price of gas inching ever closer to the $5 mark. Keeping your tires filled to the recommended level for your car means:

  • lower gas milage (3% improvement or so)
  • longer lasting tires (about 15%)
  • increased driving safety (660 deaths from underinflated tires each year, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • cleaner air (reduces about 350 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually)
    Ideal Bite
Blowout caused by low tire pressure (Source:

Most vehicles list the reccomended tire pressure on the driver's side door and/or the owner's manual. Pressure changes with temperature and with use, so you should check your tires montly with a tire gauge. For more details, read eHow's guide.

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