Friday, July 11, 2008

Spay, Neuter and GIVE Kansas City

Spay&Neuter Kansas City is holding a capital campaign to raise money to remodel a new facility and purchase equipment. I, personally, love these guys especially since they helped me get my cat's balls snipped before he picked up the habit of pissing in my apartment! But, even if you don't use their service, it's still valuable to the KC community.

There are way too many stray animals in Kansas City and that kind of overpopulation costs us thousands of dollars annually to support animal shelters - where animals are killed by the thousands anyway (20,000 each year!). It's a stupid situation with an easy solution: spay & neuter!

According to the Spay&Neuter Kansas City newsletter, these are the benefits of your donation:

  • decrease in pet overpopulation: many animals spayed and neutered are found through the outreach program, which makes lower income pet owners aware of their financial assistance options (which are supported through donations).
  • help needy pets: pets living in less than desirable conditions are helped through Spay&Neuter which provides shelter if needed and educations owners on responsible pet care, increasing pet retention and the quality of life for these animals.

  • provide medical care for neglected or abused pets: these pets are provided with vet care and are placed in new homes

  • improve animal welfare in the community: adoption shelters don't solve the problem of pet overpopulation, but S&NKC greatly reduces the numbers, performing about 6,000 spay & neuters each year. Fewer strays means more adoptions and less euthanizations.
So, if you can, throw some money their way. They're already halfway to their goal of $500,000 and I for one am excited that they are going to have separate cat and dog surgery areas - being with the constantly barking dogs is the main thing that freaked out Frederick about his experience there. Knowing cats in the future won't have to go through that kind of crazy trauma is a relief... too bad they won't have it in time for the new kitten's neuter (poor Pinky).

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Average Jane said...

They're one of my favorite local animal charities. I often volunteer at their spay/neuter clinics in the cat recovery room.