Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shake Your Booty, Use Your Phone

My once-classmate and friend Laura sent me a link to this article about powering cellphones by dancing. The prototype chargers powered by this kind of kinetic energy don't weigh any more than a regular cellphone, and they attach to your arm with magnets & weights.

So, here's what I'm wondering: would people actually use this? I mean, I would, but I freaking love dancing (I would have its babies if I could). I'm thinking it might have some mass appeal in kind of the way the Wii does.

Would you dance around like a loon for some free energy?

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Anonymous said...

Having dancing's babies is so hard to visualize.

buddy thomas said...

thats pretty cool, i hope somehting more portable comes out soon so i can buy one and start charging my phone using kinetic energy