Monday, July 21, 2008

Action Movies: You're Doing It Wrong

After seeing Dark Night this weekend, I was once-again reminded of why I freakin' HATE the way action films are being made these days. I blame The Bourne Identity for starting this trend since that's when I noticed it (I got so nauseated by it, I had to leave the theater! I was pissed!). Have you noticed that instead of giving us full-body shots of two people fighting ALL YOU SEE now is chest-and-up punching and grunting and so many jump shots that you can't tell what the hell is happening?

What is up with that? Are we suddenly in a world where it's awesome to not know who's winning, throwing a punch or WHATEVER in a fight?

I remember back in the good ole days when you saw a punch being thrown from the hero's feet to his fist. I remember actually SEEING two men grappling with all their bodies, not just their torso and flailing arms.

I want my action sequences back! I'm sick of a gillion jump cuts counting as a fight scene. Who's with me?


DLC said...

I'm totally with you. I like the kung fu movie model. This objectionable trend started--in my mind--with the Mission Impossible movies.

May said...

Hmmm, interesting. If I could stand Tom Cruise more, I'd re-watch them to test your theory.