Friday, July 25, 2008

37 Days to Live: What Would You Do?

Well, I can die happy now that I've seen some beautiful breastage swinging around some glittery red, white and blue tassels. Which segues great into this challenge from 37days, asking what we'd all do if we had just 37 days to live. (Michelle Martin over at The Bamboo Project Blog posted this as one of her Web 2.0 Wednesdays, which is where I found it.)

If I had 37 days left to live, I know exactly how I'd spend it. The first day I would tell off the people I've held back on telling off, including a couple of exes, my parents, my little sister and a couple of bitches that I used to consider friends. Then, I'd proposition this gorgeous chick who recently broke my heart, because who's going to turn down that kind of pity sex? And then I'd probably spend the rest of the day getting drunk and blubbering a bit about all of the things I was going to miss.

Second day I'd wake up, fuck my boyfriend, make a big breakfast, buy a paper just for the comics & crossword (which I never do normally) and then spend the day writing letters to the people I was going to miss. Then, of course, I'd party.

Day three I would go in to work and try to tie up loose ends with projects and try to find a temporary replacement (I already know a woman who could probably do it) and then I'd quit. I'd, of course, spend the rest of the day hanging out with the people I love and then, you know, partying.

The rest of the days would all involve some version of me enjoying the moments while I can. I'd go to the park more, listen to old people's stories, volunteer someplace new, go out dancing and masturbate constantly.

So, that's me. What about you?

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DLC said...

I nominate this for Post of the Week!

meesha.v said...

I'll probably do some combination of the same things minus fucking your boyfriend.

May said...

DLC - Wow! Thanks :)

Meesha - I appreciate you leaving that one out ;)