Monday, June 2, 2008

Your Mamma Shoulda Told You: Don't Treat All Women Like Hookers

This entry is going to be short and to the point.

Your mama shoulda told you that unless a woman's a hooker, she doesn't want to be propositioned on her way to work!

I am so tired of being harassed by men who have nothing better to do than stand around on street corners and make comments to me about my appearance. Dressing up cute for work doesn't make me a whore and I don't think I should have to fend off the lecherous during my commute.

Wake up, guys! No woman walking past you is into you - she just wants you to shut the hell up.

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Anonymous said...

When your hot your hot?

May said...

Yeah, not good enough reasoning for me to have to deal with annoying pricks almost 365 days out of the year.

Anonymous said...

True dat. Men are pigs, I should know I am one of them.

I never understand exactly what guys are thinking when they start cat calling and yelling at someone. Like your gonna turn around and be all woohoo, bring it on.


DLC said...

This town is worse than most for that stuff. My favorite is when guys honk at an attractive woman on the street. I try to conceive of a penthouse-forum style scenario in which honking from a car leads to spontaneous, rollicking sex and I just don't see it happening fellas.

Denny Crane said...

This post is worthless without photos. :)

Anonymous said...

Expect the worse if you hang out with men who goes to the stripper bars.

ApprecU said...

I'm agreeing with Denny Crane on this. The way some 'women' comport themselves lately it's hard to tell a hooker from a 'plain old woman'. Start dressing with some class.

May said...

paintman - these are people I don't know, not someone I hang out with. Complete strangers. You get it?

denny crane and apprecu - I dress in a professional manner in skirts and slacks and dress shorts, often with heels and with shirts and blouses that reveal nothing. It's not my manner of dress. It's men being jerks and acting like any woman they see is nothing more than a sexual target. THAT's my issue.

Jenna said...

9081320832109 kudos to you.

My biggest pet peeve is driving the 30 odd miles to work every day and having men on the highway try to get your attention. Do they think I'm going to pull over, flash them my tits, or sign them my number?

No matter how cute, young, or old, any time a guy addresses me (or a friend) in such a manner, I automatically am turned off.

Jessica said...

To all the men out there, who think this type of behavior rocks, "Wake up!"

In this dog eat dog world, women are becoming more influential every day, and if you ever want to have a relationship with us you better adapt, or you will suffer alone and miserable existences without us! You can quote me on that.