Friday, June 20, 2008

Missouri Men, Beware Falling Sperm Counts!

Guess what, guys? Men in Missouri have the lowest sperm counts in the nation! Current information is pointing at environmental factors, which might include drinking water and pesticides:

After getting the initial results, scientists subjected the sperm samples from 50 men to a battery of new tests to look for pesticides. They found "significant" links between three common pesticides and low sperm counts in the Missouri men and possible associations with two other pesticides. ...

One of the three pesticides that showed a significant association with low sperm counts was found in 24 of the samples - an insecticide called diazinon (pdf), which is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency in drinking water. In 2004, diazinon was banned from residential use, though it is still lawfully used in some agriculture. Another herbicide used for weed control - metolachlor - showed up in 34 of the Missouri semen samples. It also is on the EPA’s list of candidates for designation as a contaminant. (Columbia Tribune)
Of course, they're not sure it's just the water. It could also be tobacco use, foods or something completely different. All I know is this: I'm sure as hell glad we use a filter pitcher at home these days and, uh, maybe you should think about getting one too.

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Bryan said...

The human race is doomed to extinction. Even if we don't destroy our environment first we will poison ourselves to the point that we can no longer reproduce.

It was a good run though - so very well played. All that's left to do now is enjoy what we have.

On a side note, ever see the movie "Children of Men"?

May said...

No, I haven't. Should I?

Bryan said...

And before I get accused of being overdramatic, let me just say that comment was me being overdramitic. We will simply poison ourselves to the point that MOST of us can't reproduce, and after the population drops the world will right itself and the cycle can start over again! Hooray!


Bryan said...

Oh yes, Children of Men is a disturbingly awesome vision of a possible future.

Anonymous said...

You said sperm...hehe...