Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being Zen on the Mountain

The city of Grand Lake with Shadow Lake
in the back ground

So being in Grand Lake, Colorado last week meant that I had no internet access, no TV, no DVDs, very little alcohol (which isn't really normal for me... I'm kind of a partier), no music and none of my usual comfort zone. It was quite depressing actually the first couple of days. I hadn't been to CO since I was a senior in high school and coming back to mountainsides covered in dead trees really got me down. It wasn't until we had a lecture about how the pine cones that were dying were pioneer species that should have died long ago by fire to let the rest of the forest live that I started to feel better and was able to enjoy the view.

Our view from Rempel Lodge

We were tucked right up against Rocky Mountain National Park and experienced snow storms on two different days. The first time was like a giant grey curtain was pulled across the mountains pictured above, because the snow was so thick they disappeared from sight. The second time was when we were hiking in the park, and the snow fell in large, light balls like tiny beads of Styrofoam out of a cloudless, sunny sky.

Even though I was freezing the whole time, it was a delight to be able to relax more and more into nature every day, letting the sound of the wind sing me to sleep and experiencing the strange time-freeze that mountain peaks have always made me feel. I was happy to know that I still have my childlike patience to sit and watch the grass grow and even enjoy it.

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Bryan said...

You should be happy to know that this post motivated me to buy a holster for my .44

I could explain the reasoning, but it's more fun to be mysterious.

May said...

It's much sillier too. So I approve.

Spyder said...

Just got back from Colorado too! It rocked! I hated coming back.