Friday, May 2, 2008

PC Games I Miss

When I was younger I had time to waste playing video games, now I'm older and I make innocent people suffer while I reminisce about them.

Syndicate is probably the most messed up game I played back then, now that I look back on it. The premise of the game is that evil corporations rule the world and you want your syndicate to beat all the others. Good and bad don't exist, there's only what helps the corporation and what doesn't. That crap really creeps me out now, but at the time I just thought the freaking awesome cyborgs you got to build (women AND men! wooo!) and the seriously random ops missions were the shizzle. Plus, the soundtrack was kind of mesmerizing... I think I'll blame that for my love of techno & such.

You can download it over here, if you're interested.

Dune 2
I was completely obsessed with the Ordos. There was something about the color green and being tricky bastards that made me love 'em. Dune 2, of course, was based on the Dune books and takes place on Dune where you're scrabbling for spice like everyone else. I've never really cared much for the Dune saga in general, but I adored this game. I loved the spice gathering, loved the gigantic worm attacks, and all that shit. In fact, I liked this game so much that I used to "play" it with my brother when we walked the dog by associating everything that was the appropriate color with one of the several sides fighting on Dune. Totally dorky, right?

Download that shit over here.

Day of the Tentacle
I love this game so so much, I wish that I could have it's tentacley baby. Day of the Tentacle was a LucasArts follow-up to Maniac Mansion that featured an evil purple tentacle trying to take over the world, and the friendly green tentacle you help stop the other one. Oh, and by "you" I mean the three characters you get to play: Bernard, the mega-geek, Lavern, the med student who wants to stick a scalpel into everything, and Hoagie, the metal freak. Oh, and you get sent through a mad-cap adventure through time and space. Check it out (skip through the credits for more story):

Download it now!

Return To Zork
You are standing behind the white house. There is something in the mailbox. A video message from a wizard informing you that you are the sweepstakes winner to the Valley of the Sparrows... right now, by magic flight. Upon arriving at this mysterious place however, not everything is as it should be. There's nobody to meet you and those who you do come across don't seem to have any knowledge about a sweepstakes. It looks like this is a private vacation and you'll need to find your own way through this land. (from

If you have any idea what the hell that's about, you probably used to play Return to Zork. I used to freaking love this PC game for the totally weird story-line, eccentric characters, and mind-boggling riddlish tasks. To me, Return to Zork is interesting and engaging in the way that Myst wanted to be, but wasn't.

You can download it here (free, but you have to register), and cheat with the walk-through here.

And I'm spent... What old games do you miss?


Keith Sader said...

I loved Maniac Mansion DoTT, except for that ending... ;-)

SmedRock said...

Tongue of the Fatman and Battle Chess. AH the good ol'days.

Gregg said...

Zork.... Good times. (Hello, sailor!)

Got to throw out some love for the Ultima series, particularly versions four through six. Totally rocked my Commodore 128, yo.

Also, I think I may have played the original "Doom" so much I may have blacked out at certain points.