Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Talk

I've been asking a lot more questions lately (it's all Twitter's fault) but I've also been getting some kick-ass comments. So today I will be lazy and turn the programing over to the viewers.

Yesterday's storm inspired a blog about rainfall and EMAWKC wrote a fricken poem!

Well, I love a rainy night
It's such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain
On my face
Taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow

Showers washed
All my cares away
I wake up to a sunny day
'Cos I love a rainy night
My second favorite comment on that was from Zach who said:
Storms are one of the many reasons I love Kansas. I hate drizzle. I was living in Germany this time last year, and it just spat the entire month of June. When it rains in Kansas it is an event! People skip class and camp out on their porches to watch the street turn into a torrent of muddy water. I love it!
A few days earlier, I whinged about littering, and y'all had this to say:
Darknemesis - I know what you mean, I used to live in Philly, and it was disgusting...
Meesha - conclusion:litter in a community you don't belong to!
Jenna - I can NOT stand seeing people throw stuff out of their car windows as they're driving down the street. A couple of weeks ago I was walking in my hometown downtown and someone chucked a fast food soda glass out of their car -- right in the middle of the road. Good post -- this is something I'm sure EVERYONE could stand to be reminded of.
Heh heh.. and before that I posted about my stupid armpit hair, which I consider to be littler more than a gimmick to make me appear odder than I actually am (or not, that could be total crap), but you thought differently:
TonyKC - TKC is all for letting it hang out or whatever. I'm not a big fan of armpit hair but this post is simply NICE.

A mysterious individual - Hair is practical, smooth is sexy. Call it a learned response from my culture but that is what I am stuck with at this point. I can live with either if the attitude is right. Went out with someone once who didn't shave but also just wasn't that clean. The two did not mix well. I like pretty smells.

Dan - Grow some back hair and I will really be impressed.
Needless to say, I am certainly more amused by my blog these days and it's all thanks to you.
That's why you all get a shiny medal:

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shiny medal!

I only comment because I have a crush on you.

If I weren't so incredibly lazy I would stalk you properly but since that is out you will just have to settle for random blurps on your blog.

Have a good holiday!

Kevin said...

That's a nice thing: when a commenter composes and shares a poem. And nice of you to highlight it, too.

On the issue of littering, I am old enough to remember when the roadways were clogged with trash. People would just toss whatever out the window of their cars. Disgusting. Then, there was the famous "American Indian Chief" advertising campaign (a tear rolling down his cheek) and signs went up, telling everyone that stiff fines would be incurred if you tossed the old McDonald's wrapper out the window.
But, man, why did it have to come to that? What were (are) people thinking when they just toss garbage they don't want in their cars out the window onto the Earth?


Elona Hartjes said...

Just found your blog. Interesting!
The rainy night poem are lyrics to a Eddie Rabbit song that I love

I love listening to rain.

SmedRock said...
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emawkc said...

Yes, Elona is right. Hate to take credit for the work of Mr. Rabbit (to be fair, I gave Mr. Rabbit credit as the author of the comment).

Thanks for the props tho.