Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Multi-Talented Friend and Her Automatic Drawings

When I was living in Seattle, I met some amazing women who were so mind-bogglingly multi-talented that it was a challenge to me to be more than I'd let myself think I could be. One of those ladies was Gena Schwam. We met because she was in the year ahead of be in grad school, and we got close after she hooked me up with an internship at the Bellevue Arts Museum, where she was working as registrar at the time.

But besides being an A-grade student, working professionally at a museum, running in marathons, writing poetry and being a generally cool lady, Gena also is an artist. She recently had her first show at The Barge in New York state, where Radio Free Hamilton was on hand to capture her artist's statement:

Here's a glimpse at some of the art she's shared on her MySpace:

I love how these have a Native Pacific Northwest Coast art feel to them. It reminds me of what contemporary Native artists are doing with formline design:


DLC said...

her work would make good tattoos. and no, that's not a disparaging remark.

May said...

no, I totally agree. I'm so going to make her design a tatt for me now. Thanks for the idea! ;) said...

Wow, that's awesome! I wish I could create something like that. Very kewl. She is very talented and you are very sweet, to promote her at your weblog! :-) Best wishes from the Netherlands, xMM

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