Monday, April 28, 2008

Mr. History (Show Review)

My sexy, adorable friend Matt E. (the blurry looking one above) has been trying to get me to go see his band Mr. History since last summer. And being the fabulous friend I am, I finally went and heard 'em at a house party last night. It was weirdly like the only ever time I saw Matt playing in a (different) band, 6 years ago now: the house it was held in was oddly empty of everything except the band and its audience, with the music loud enough to be heard at least a block away.

It was an incredible experience and Mr. History is definitely something you should check out. They reminded me of Pink Floyd or The Mars Volta or Battles or Foreign Born or Tool or any of those groups whose music is so overpowering and all-consuming that you feel like you could crawl inside of it and live.

I was even more impressed when they took a break and Matt told me that they could not hear themselves at all. I know how much that can throw bands off, but they were freaking perfect - or else their music is so crazy sounding that I couldn't tell the difference.

Check them out on MySpace and hear some tunes (they only have 3 posted) or else go and see them play at the Record Bar, May 22nd. I know I wish I hadn't waited so long to give 'em a listen.

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