Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lene Alexandre Has Okay Boobs

Okay, so I found another girl singer to add to my list of girly music that is so silly I can't help but love it - a list that includes such notables as Peaches and Aqua and is also usually music my boyfriend (no matter who it's been) never wants to hear. I guess it's a girl/gay man thing, nay?

Her name is Lene Alexandra and she's a Norwegian singer. She was on their version of the "Idol" show, but didn't win. After that she worked as a model for a while until she got a job with a record company working promo and finagled her own album. So good for her!

Her music is simple, straight-forward and full of sex - just like all electronic songs should be. See & hear for yourself:

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Anonymous said...

I like Peaches, and I'm not gay (I don't think).


May said...

yeah, I don't think you're gay either. there you go, breaking my stereotyping ;P

Anonymous said...

Heh, nice article :) Lene is somekind of "product", first she was in norwegian survivor game and latest competition where she was is Eurovision sing contest... and between those she was in idols and make album welcome to silicone valley