Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids In the Hall at the Uptown (Review)

I shimmied down the block in my little black dress to the Uptown Theater last night to see Kids In the Hall and, holy crap, was I excited! My fabulous Brazilian co-worker had casually handed me two tickets earlier that day, and I'd been looking forward to it ever since. But my enthusiasm kind of wore off after the first 20 minutes.

Sure, it was awesome seeing all the guys right in front of us, but they kept going on about religion and fat people and fat religous people and religion some more... and it just got kind of monotonous. I thought maybe they had written this crap specifically because they thought stuff like that (oh, yeah, and abortions!) would have major shock value in the Midwest? But it went on so long that I couldn't believe they'd learn all that new material just for a show here... or even a few shows around here. But then I remembered that KItH skits were often hit or miss, and hoped that the miss section would end soon.

It did! Right around this sketch, things started picking up:
All-new Kids in the Hall sketch

The next sketch was Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald fighting over Dave's imaginary girlfriend who'd been cheating on Dave with Kevin. Kevin also performed a song that was only 3/4 written, leaving out the guitar solo, for instance and most of the 2nd verse, which -now that I'm reading it over- comes off way better in practice than in report.

The whole thing ended, of course, with multiple heads being crushed and every body went home happy. If you're kicking yourself about missing it, they'll be in the St. Louis way come May 20th, according to their MySpace.

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