Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Do You Like My Sidebar? (Poll)

I don't normally get all meta on here, talking about blogging itself, but I've been fiddling with my sidebar ever since I started this blog and I think I finally got to where I'm happy with it.

So now I'd like your 2 cents to let me know if I'm full of shit or not. Sounds fun, right?

About Me
I finally decided to post my entire profile up there since that's where I describe what the title means to me. Subscription and contact links are pretty standard, and then I have my Twitter feed up. So, no matter what, I'm definitely keeping the other aspects, but what do you think about the tweets? Should I keep 'em or bag 'em?

Recent Comments
I added this widget so everyone can see what everyone else is talking about on here. You like?

Popular Posts
Do you find this helpful? These are the posts that are consistently receiving my top hits.

Archive, Recommended Reading & Blogroll
The archive and blogroll are standard, so they are staying. But what do you think about the recommended reading section? It imports my shared items from Google Reader, so you can see what I'm reading and liking on any given day.

Thanks for voting and thanks for reading, commenting, and generally making this bloggy thing more interesting ^__^

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