Monday, April 21, 2008

EarthFest Part 1: Music

EarthFest this weekend went off without a hitch (except that it didn't warm up really until an hour before it was over) and I was exposed to some neat stuff there that I'd like to share with y'all. I'm going to take at least two posts to tell you about it, and today, I want to let you know about some of the music I heard there.

Eco Elvis
Matt Riggs, who created and plays as Eco Elvis, is someone I met through work and his ponytail & laid-back demeanor always made me wrinkle my brow whenever someone talked about how great his act was. He just didn't seem flamboyant enough... turns out that was just because I hadn't seen him in costume.

In a pompadour wig and a shiny green jumpsuit, Matt can jive. He totally blew me away and cracked me up with how he adapted the King's songs to have eco-friendly lyrics. See if you can match his titles to the original song (some are more obvious than others):

  • Earth Day Rock
  • Fix The System
  • Compost Hotel
  • Burnin' Globe
  • Can't Help Recycling It All
  • Let's Go Organic
  • Viva Las Vegans
I liked it so much, I bought a CD, but it still does not compare to watching him swoon and croon on stage. Here's a video I found that he made with a group to promote recycling (warning! this footage contains a garbage monster that may be too frightening for some viewers):

Five Defy
Five Defy had the latest slot on stage, which sucked because they were totally the best act all day and most people had left by then. They had incredible energy and a beautiful sound, partially because of Aniko's keyboard/viola playing and partially because of the layers of harmonies they used.

They are one of those bands that I don't mind not being able to understand any of the lyrics, because whatever they're saying just sound gorgeous on top of their music and that's enough for me. Supposedly, their songs are about spirituality, the environment and the like.

Listen to what I'm talking about on their MySpace and find out when they're playing next.

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