Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lezzies Are Feminists Too!

The Evil Slut Clique - who are the coolest chicks on the interwebs IMO - blogged yesterday about the "Lavender Menace" of lesbianism in relation to the feminist movement. I love reading their posts because it's like getting a hug for my mind... which is kind of how I feel in general about people who agree with me on important issues - or what I consider to be important anyway.

But the part about this post that really got me was from their disclaimer at the end. It helps me remember why I like being a woman and being around women. That's sometimes hard to remember when it seems like all bitches around me are just going crazy (unlike Jay-Z my 99 problems all too often are female-related)... but listening to my lezzie friend complain about her crazy exes makes me feel better, and this did to:

We're happy that today we've come so far from that time, yet also sad that we still seem to be so far from a time when all human beings - regardless of gender, race, religion, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc - will be treated equally... as human beings. I think the best way for that to happen is for everyone (e.g., lesbians, women of color, gay men, etc.) to have individual representation but ultimately work together to achieve equal human rights for all.

Which is why it's so important to remember that lesbian issues are feminist issues. Just like sex workers issues are feminist issues, even if the subject is 'controversial'. Not all feminists - or all women - are concerned with the same issues, but all women's issues are by definition, "feminist issues".


Feminism may always be somewhat divided, but we have to remember that what affects our sisters does affect us - as women. And to take it one step further, feminist issues and women's issues are in fact, "human issues" so they should be the concerns of all human beings, not just women.

I think it's important that we address individual issues, but that shouldn't cause us to view define ourselves based solely on what makes us different. We must be able to recognize that underneath the labels, we're all inhabitants of this same planet and all connected... and ultimately, all the same.
Read the entire post here.

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