Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How To Get a Sexy Back

My boyfriend is all about kettlebells, through which he was introduced to the wall squat. The wall squat is as simple as it sounds: you do a squat facing a wall... and it's a kettlebell exercise, but you can do it without, obviously. He's been doing this exercise for a few months now, and I finally jumped on the band wagon a couple weeks ago. And I'm so happy I did.

You know that sexy back crease you get from a nice muscle-y back? Well, mine goes all the way up to my neck now, which is crazy awesome. Plus I have these weird, but incredible dimples in my shoulder blades when I flex my back. Anyway, you have to start doing this exercise. I have been doing 2-3 every other day or so and the results have been impressive. My back is sexier than it was when I was 19 and so proud of my back I was naked modeling for like, everyone. Too bad for you I don't do that any more.

How To Do a Wall Squat (without a kettlebell)
1. Stand with your feet apart and your toes close to the wall
2. Roll your shoulders back and point your hands towards the floor, one hand on top of the other
3. Keeping your face forward, stick out your butt as you lower yourself to the floor
4. Let your fingertips touch the floor, then slowly raise yourself to the standing position
5. Repeat

Here's a video of a wall squat with kettlebell:

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