Friday, March 14, 2008

Eye-Popping Art

Sometimes I see things so awesome it's like they reach up and rip my eyelids off because I cannot look away. Here are a couple of things that do that for me:

Single Sheet Paper Art
Peter Callesen creates whimsical, impressive and sometimes disturbing images with paper. He cuts them directly from a sheet, which forms the landscape for his creation. Just look, it's freaking awesome:

Birds trying to escape their drawing (detail), 2005

Dead Angels, 2007
See more (including some installation pieces that look like real architecture!) at

Firey Rube Goldberg Machine
Although I can't remember the name of this artist, I saw his/her videos back when I was still working at the Henry Art Gallery and was completely mesmerized. There's something about a whole lot of controlled fire and explosions happening over and over again that just can't be beat.
[via Gizmodo]

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