Monday, March 10, 2008

Carbon's Gonna Kill Us

I had planned on writing today about the performance of Hedwig I saw over the weekend, but then I read this article from the Washington Post and changed my mind. It's talking about climate change and how the world's water supply is going to be depleted given the change of a few degrees in overall world temperature.

"Our actions right now will have consequences for many, many generations. Not just for a hundred years, but thousands of years."

Normally, I try not to talk about the negative aspects of climate disruption and the state of the environment, except when pointing out the consequences of specific actions (like driving a car and eating meat). I do this for two reasons: 1) it's freaking depressing and 2) I want people to be motivated by passion and not panic. But today I'm going to talk about how depressing the state of the world is, because it's affecting my job.

Everyday I come to work with the overall goal in my mind being that we will avert climate disaster. Secondary goals usually include editing publications, writing copy and various other office-y stuff that never seems at all important after it's done. Anyway, you can imagine that being a workaholic type who obviously chose a stressful career on purpose that I have problems with not creating changes fast enough in the world.

Everyday I feel like I am up against all the ignorance in the world and how "self-preservation threatens us all" when it blots out the interconnectedness of everything. We're literally burning ourselves up as we burn nonrenewable resources for no good reason. It's just makes the working week that much more frustrating.

And I promise that's all I'm going to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

Don't fret about things too much dear... all things work themselves out. Whether it is because many people die off or because oil gets so expensive nobody can afford it or by some other way, the issue will eventually correct itself. If we die in the process, the universe will still march on and hell, we're going to die someday anyway, right?


May said...

I know the universe will march on, but I don't want people to die out on my watch. I like people, dammit!

Anonymous said...

You should be aware that the earth has been warming up and cooling down for many millions of years. Since long before there were any SUVs, and long before there were any humans to drive them. Think about it.

May said...

I have thought about it. The Earth is still having problems with too much carbon produced by humans. Think about it.