Friday, March 21, 2008

8Hands Is Cute, But Harmless

While I was on vacation, I got an email from some website called saying that they were ready with version 1 and I could go ahead and download it since I was signed up for it already. And while I don't recall signing up for it, I can completely believe I did for the same reason I instantly downloaded the trial version when I got to the website: their branding is so damned adorable! Who could resist this face?
For serious. That is just too cute. It seems their design team actually took into account that women are the top users of social networks. How's that you say? Oh, what does 8Hands do? That's easy!

8Hands is an aggregator for social networking sites that hypothetically "organize and optimize your different online profiles from one place, while receiving real time notifications of your events." 8Hands currently supports Facebook, Flickr, Wordpress, Feedburner, Twitter, Typepad, MySpace, LiveJournal, YouTube and Blogger. It will "soon" be supporting Bebo, Friendster, Xanga and Last.FM. But you'll notice I said that's what 8Hands hypothetically does, because my experience with it was quite different.

I downloaded the program and used it for 2 weeks before I completely gave up on it. The display window area for friends kept displaying JUST my Facebook friends - some people are actually NOT on my friends list any more even - and none others. That was a real pain in the ass because Facebook is one of my least favorite social networking sites and I didn't feel like looking at people I don't talk to any more. So that was strike one against it.

Strike two was the photo gallery display on the bottom portion of the display also only showed albums from Facebook - which are some of the oldest I've uploaded - and that just didn't make sense. Plus, even after I changed the photo display to show something else from MySpace, 8Hands just changed it back a few minutes later and so I gave up on that.

Strike three was the worst: ONLY MY TWITTER UPDATES WERE REPORTED! Nothing else from any other site I registered came through as an alert at any time that I used it. I mean, WTF? Don't claim you can keep tabs of everything if you can't! How hard is that? I kind of liked having little twitter updates pop-up on my desktop, but since that isn't what the software is supposed to do, I removed it and said good riddance.

8Hands wins top marks for being attractive, but it has no long term relationship possibilities.

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1 comment:

Eddie said...

That's weird...
I've been using it to monitor Facebook, Myspace, Flickr and YouTube and I never encountered any of the problems you've mentioned.
This software is still in alpha though, so it probably still has lots of bugs.