Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ted's Montana Grill: Vegetarians Vaguely Welcome

A branch of Ted's Montana Grill just opened in the 'Power & Light District' and I was lucky enough to enjoy it. TMG had a soft launch this weekend that I was invited to since I work for one of the nonprofits they were fund raising for through alcohol sales. For purposes of full disclosure I would like to mention that the food AND drinks were both free, so I have no idea how they actually raised any money. oh well. On to the review!

I was a little nervous about TMG's meatless selection, which turned out to be very small. The menu (PDF version) offers only one meat-free appetizer and only one meat-free entree, which incidentally is just a selection of 4 veggie sides. My table and I opened up the meal with a shared Ceasar salad and and the onion ring appetizer. Both were excellent, but they're so basic I consider those foods basically fool-proof (though, incidentally, I once made onion rings very badly at home).

Given the limited choices, I ordered the vegetarian entree with Parmesan spinach, vine-ripened tomatoes (my 2nd choice since they were out of the squash casserole), asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. My friends also ordered a bison steak, salmon and chicken. Everything was incredible (except the tomatoes, which were just slices of tomatoes), a result of TMG's policy of cooking everything from fresh ingredients (they start prep at 7 AM!).

There wasn't a single complaint at my table, and every one else from work I talked to also had an incredible taste experience. I highly recommend trying it out, but I for sure won't be going there too often. I like to have more choices! And since Ted's aligning itself with eco-consciousness so much, I'm surprised that more meat-free choices aren't offered.


Leigh Ann said...

I ♥ Ted Turner

john said...

I've never heard of a vegetarian Caesar salad. How was it?

May said...

It tasted about the same as non-veggie ones. :)

Anonymous said...

just thought as a server for ted's in leawood i should let you know 2 things.
one--- all sandwiches are available in a choice of veggie (boca)as well bison, beef, and chicken.

two--- the homemeda ceasar dressing is anchovy based instead of egg base. good for a vegetarian, not so fora vegan.

just thought i'd let you know that. :)

john said...

I haven't been a vegetarian for years and I'm not about to tell anyone what to eat, but I'm still confused about a salad dressing which has chopped up little fish as one of its principle ingredients being vegetarian. Have fish become vegetables?

May said...

Let's all just understand that May had no idea that anchovies were in ceasar salads. I've never made one and I've never asked how it's made. So, my bad. These are the kind of slip-ups that I am doomed to make, it seems.

But seriously, get off my case about it already :P