Thursday, February 21, 2008

Narcissism In Space!

i09 has become one of my favorite feeds to read each day. More often than not, they have the stories that I'm going to read most & they crack my shit up. Plus, it's all the sci-fi geekery one girl could ever need. MmMMMmmm... sci fi!

All right, so a couple of days ago i09 posted about Timecrimes, a movie coming out "later this year" about - what else? - a time traveler. A quote from the director, Nacho Vigalondo, said that porn and time travel go hand in hand: "People fucking themselves!"

This isn't an new idea for sci fi writers. Audrey Niffenegger addressed it in The Time Traveler's Wife back in 2003 and I think we all know that we would have sex with ourselves given the chance. Which makes me wonder: does sci fi as a genre attract the narcissistic or does narcissism result from thinking too much about possible loopholes in reality?

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They should really just stop making movies about time travel because everybody knows that The Lake House was really the definitive last word on the subject.